BENGALURU, India, May 14, 2024 -- In a recent meeting between Shri Prasana Prabhu, Chairman, The Art of Living - Social Projects; and Shri Sanjiv Puri, Chairman and Managing Director, ITC Limited; a remarkable synergy was unveiled. These two titans, with their extensive track records of commitment to economic, social, and environmental causes, found common ground in their shared goals.


Over the past three decades, The Art of Living, under inspirational guidance from Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has displayed unwavering commitment, achieving remarkable feats across multiple domains. From pioneering water conservation initiatives to promoting agricultural sustainability, protecting the environment, fostering afforestation, and empowering rural communities, the organisation's impact has been profound. Additionally, they have led initiatives in women's empowerment, skill development, free education, renewable energy, and waste management, leaving an indelible mark on society.

Meanwhile, ITC Limited has earned global acclaim as the only company to achieve the rare distinction of being water, carbon, and solid waste recycling positive for over a decade. Despite an expanding manufacturing base, ITC has remained steadfast in its commitment to sustainability, setting the standard for responsible corporate citizenship.

Recognising the considerable synergy between their organisations and shared focus areas, it was a natural progression for The Art of Living and ITC to collaborate on water conservation, a cause close to both their hearts. With a mutual passion for this vital issue, they have embarked on a collaborative journey that promises great outcomes.

The partnership between these two giants heralds a new era of sustainable change. By pooling their resources, expertise, and passion, they aim to amplify their impact and create lasting solutions to some of the most pressing challenges facing our planet.

As they forge ahead together, the ripple effect of their collaboration is sure to be felt far and wide. Lives will be transformed, communities empowered, and the environment protected, leaving a legacy of positive change for generations to come. When giants shake hands, the world stands to benefit.

About The Art of Living Social Projects 

Inspired by the world renowned humanitarian and spiritual leader Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar; The Art of Living is a global non-profit organisation dedicated to peace, well-being, and humanitarian service. With a focus on holistic development, the organisation strives to contribute to the well-being of individuals and communities alike.

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