NEW DELHI, April 4, 2024 -- In a pivotal event for the Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) community, Exterro and MH Service convened a Partner Day in New Delhi, drawing experts and professionals from across India. This gathering was celebrated as a significant step toward fostering dialogue, collaboration, and innovation within the digital forensics discipline, emphasizing advancements and challenges in the context of India's evolving role on the global stage.

Groundbreaking Collaboration and Insights

The Partner Day was conceptualized to deepen connections between Exterro, MH Service, and the broader partner network, facilitating a robust exchange of ideas and strategies. A highlight of the event was the showcase of Exterro's FTK platform, demonstrating cutting-edge technological advancements designed to meet the intricate demands of forensic investigations.

Garreth Scott, Global Leader - Public Sector Digital Forensics at Exterro, reflected on the Partner Day event "The Partner Day event was a significant moment for me, one that I will always remember. My first trip to India with Exterro turned out to be truly remarkable. Witnessing the largest gathering of DFIR professionals in the channel space was truly impressive. Bringing together partners from all aspects of DFIR, from industry leaders to law enforcement, felt like a reunion of old friends and the beginning of many promising partnerships. The energy and enthusiasm in the room were undeniable, paving the way for collaborative efforts that will shape the future of digital forensics in India and beyond."

Distinguished Perspectives on DFIR's Future

Lt Col (Dr.) Santosh Khadsare, Vice President - Digital Forensics & Incident Response at eSec Forte® Technologies and a Tedx Speaker, expressed the significance of collaboration within the DFIR community to reduce backlogs and create a better and faster justice process. He also highlighted the opportunities and innovation potential within India's digital forensics sector. His emphasis on centralized data labs and the 'Make in India' initiative underscored the strategic direction for advancing the industry.

The Founder & CEO, and Chief Cyber Officer of CyberSleuths, Col (Dr.) Inderjeet Singh, discussed the necessity of industry-wide collaboration to develop comprehensive solutions addressing the DFIR industry's unique challenges, showcasing the event as a pivotal moment for strategic partnership formation.

Naveen Kumar Singh, Founder (Digital Forensics & Intelligence) at Power Forensics & DI, spoke on the transformative impact of AI in DFIR, indicating a significant shift towards more efficient and effective investigative processes. His insights spotlighted the technological advancements and their alignment with global DFIR practices.

Embracing 'Make in India' for Global Impact

The collaboration between Exterro and MH Service reflects a shared commitment to nurturing a strong DFIR community in India. The event's discussions embraced the 'Make in India' ethos, aiming to position India as a leader in the global digital forensics arena.

Jignesh Suba, CEO of MH Service, commented on the enthusiastic reception of the FTK platform's features by the community: "The positive feedback on FTK's capabilities from everyone at the event has been overwhelming, affirming our strategic direction and the critical role of the 'Make in India' initiative in achieving global excellence in digital forensics."

Advancing Through Innovation and Resilience

The event underscored the DFIR sector's journey through both its challenges and significant advancements in growth and innovation. It emphasized the essential task of directly confronting the obstacles unique to DFIR—ranging from regulatory complexities to the rapid shifts in market dynamics.

Reflecting on the path forward, Rajkumar Manickam, Regional Director - South Asia & MEA at Exterro, shared, "The extraordinary resilience and adaptability displayed by our partners and stakeholders have truly set a new standard in overcoming challenges. Witnessing the industry's development, driven by Exterro's dedication to enhancing our FTK product suite, has been incredibly inspiring. This progress is not only reshaping the DFIR landscape in India but also forging new avenues for collaboration. Our journey underscores the extensive potential within our sector and bolsters our commitment to driving meaningful transformation and delivering unparalleled value across our ecosystem."

Charting a Collaborative Path Forward

The Partner Day event has laid a foundational stone for future dialogues and innovations within the DFIR community, representing a collective stride toward addressing future challenges and seizing opportunities with a unified vision for elevating India's standing in the global DFIR ecosystem.

Exterro, along with its partners in the region, stands poised to advance the industry, championing a future marked by innovation, resilience, and sustainable growth.

About Exterro-MH Service Partnership

In a strategic move last year, Exterro and MH Service entered into a partnership aimed at addressing the complexities within India's forensic sector. This collaboration combines Exterro's expertise in advanced forensic solutions with MH Service's established network in the local legal landscape, focusing on overcoming the challenges faced by professionals in the field. The partnership's primary objective is to enhance the distribution of Exterro's digital investigation tool, FTK®, throughout South Asia, thereby improving access to sophisticated forensic technologies. FTK® 8.0 is known for its efficiency, stability, and ease of use, playing a significant role in streamlining forensic processes for Exterro's customers. This initiative represents a meaningful step toward advancing forensic investigation capabilities in the region, emphasizing an informative approach to technological adoption and sectoral improvement.


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