MUMBAI, India, May 9, 2024 -- For the first time, India has launched a novelty, Make-In-India Mixed Reality headset. Indian pioneers in Extended Reality (XR), AjnaLens, recently announced that their AjnaXR Pro headset is now designed, developed and manufactured in India. This marks an unprecedented move in the technology industry for the country, where India's tech is standing alongside foreign giants on a global scale.

What was the thought behind AjnaLens shifting to manufacturing in India?

It's a response to the silent invasion that is taking over the country, people's data and eventually their lives. Ajnalens has looked at major problems, In today's hyper-connected digital world, where foreign corporations wield unprecedented control over vast digital territories, significantly impacting economies, cultures and governments worldwide - Resulting in colonisation in the digital era.

AjnaLens addresses this threat that the colonisations cast, that is to overshadow local innovation and dilute national identity, with its complete end-to-end manufacturing on Indian soil and also creates employment opportunities.

So AjnaLens at the forefront  is:

Championing Local Innovation

To combat digital dominance, AjnaLens is championing local innovation and manufacturing in the XR industry, being a homegrown technology enables India's to shift from being participant in the global digital economy to becoming a leader. AjnaLens' move is crucial for retaining economic value and maintaining control over digital assets.

Strengthening Digital Defences

AjnaLens' "Make in India" campaign safeguards India's digital assets and infrastructure. By strengthening digital borders, India can build resilient infrastructure that drives economic growth and protects our data, ensuring privacy and national security.

Ensuring Data Security and Privacy

AjnaLens prioritizes national security by managing digital data within India, processed and stored on Indian servers governed by Indian laws. This strategy safeguards citizens from external threats and upholds India's cultural values of integrity and privacy.

Local Innovations: Catalysing Technological Independence

In line with the spirit of Atmanirbhar Bharat, AjnaLens pioneers innovations like the AjnaXR Pro, the world's lightest MR headset, showcasing India's technological prowess. These initiatives align with national campaigns to enhance self-reliance and break free from digital colonisation.

Navigating Towards a Self-Reliant Digital India

AjnaLens supports policies encouraging local innovation and adopts technologies developed within Indian borders to secure and lead India's digital landscape. This endeavor is about pioneering the digital future with confidence and independence.

"As India strides forward, embracing innovation and self-reliance, AjnaLens beckons you to join us in championing the ideals of AtmaNirbhar Bharat and advancing towards digital sovereignty. Together, let's shape a future where India leads the way as a self-reliant and digitally empowered nation." - Mr. Abhishek Tomar, CTO AjnaLens

About AjnaLens

AjnaLens, a pioneering tech firm based in India, is reshaping Learning with cutting-edge technological innovation. Rooted in the ethos of Atmanirbhar Bharat and the Make in India initiative, AjnaLens is committed to positioning India as a global leader in technological innovation. Their flagship product, the AjnaXR Pro headset, seamlessly integrates XR technology and artificial intelligence, offering unparalleled immersive experiences. At the heart of their mission is AjnaVidya, a revolutionary learning ecosystem breaking geographical barriers for immersive learning modules. Recognised with prestigious awards like the 2023 CES Innovation Award, AjnaLens is redefining traditional learning methods while championing self-reliance in technology. Collaborating with industry giants like Qualcomm and Nvidia, AjnaLens is driving forward India's technological prowess, revolutionising defense operations and developing high-tech solutions in alignment with the nation's vision of Atmanirbhar Bharat.


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