Introducing Explosive Whey, a groundbreaking addition to the fitness and nutrition industry, ready to revolutionize Sports Nutrition with its premium products. Endorsed and invested by the esteemed Mahendra Singh Dhoni, this brand is meticulously crafted to meet the evolving needs of fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and health-conscious individuals. Explosive Whey is the brainchild of Indian Cricketer Kedar Jadhav (Founder), Mandar Bhandari (Founder and CEO), and Rishikesh Hande (Founder).

Left to Right: Mandar Bhandari, Kedar Jadhav, MS Dhoni, Rishikesh Hande​

The name "Explosive" embodies the essence of speed and strength. The lion in the logo symbolises strength and leadership, reflecting the slogan "Rule with Strength." Notably, Explosive Whey has earned the prestigious certification of Informed Sports, a trust badge amongst professional athletes and World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) where every single batch for banned substances is tested before being released into the market ensuring that the product undergoes rigorous dope testing and no banned substances are present.

Achieving international standards for quality demanded an extensive and over-a-year-long journey of research and development-a testament to the dedication invested. Their state-of-the-art manufacturing unit in Pune ensures meticulous quality control throughout the manufacturing process. This pursuit of excellence was ignited by the challenges encountered by Kedar in accessing international-grade whey protein within India. Driven by a determination to bridge this gap, Explosive Whey emerged by offering a homegrown solution that meets global benchmarks. According to Kedar Jadhav"Explosive Whey is more than just a supplement; its a testament to our dedication towards helping athletes achieve their fitness goals. Our journey is incomplete without Mahi Bhai who is a consumer first, then a shareholder, mentor, and now he has endorsed the brand as well."

Explosive Whey has proudly served esteemed athletes of the Indian Premier League, Indian National Cricket Team, Pro Kabaddi Teams, South Africa Premier League, International League T20,as well as numerous athletes spanning a range of sports including cricket, tennis, badminton, kabaddi, football and more.

The product line comprises Athlete Series Whey Protein and Elite Series Whey Protein along with other sports supplements with premium ingredients of the highest quality. Notably, MS Dhonis favourite flavour is Coffee from the Athlete Series. Expressing his thoughts MS Dhoni said, "As an athlete focused on peak performance and fitness, Im excited to join the Explosive Whey family. I chose to partner with Explosive Whey because of their dedication and commitment to provide athletes with quality supplements. Our shared vision for nutrition makes this partnership a natural fit, inspiring athletes to reach their full potential."

Mandar Bhandari (Founder and CEO) mentioned, "The idea for Explosive Whey came about because there werent many top-notch supplements available for athletes in India. Being an athlete myself, I knew firsthand the challenges Indian athletes face when they lack proper nutrition, affecting their performance and recovery. Thats why we started Explosive Whey: to provide a game-changing supplement designed especially for athletes. And now with Dhoni sir joining us we are thrilled to have him onboard as a proud owner and brand ambassador."

Speaking passionately about the brand Vikas Hasija, who manages associations and equities for MSD, remarked, "Explosive Whey is a product which MSD sir uses himself, so it was an organic and strategic decision to invest in it. Certified with Informed Sports Standards, Explosive whey's goal is to ensure athletes have access to superior resources of protein, hydration etc. to help them achieve their best."

"For over a year and a half, Ive incorporated Explosive Whey into both my own regimen and those of my clients. The results have been fantastic - consistent absence of bloating alongside noticeable gains in muscle mass. And with Informed Sports Certification, athletes can be confident in the integrity and quality of this product. Its simple: Every scoop counts, every rep matters. Choose Explosive Whey for your unstoppable progress," adds Shankar Basu Former Strength and Conditioning Coach, Indian National Cricket Team.

The unstoppable energy and enthusiasm of Team Explosive Whey under the legendary leadership of Mahendra Singh Dhoni, this brand is truly explosive in all ways and ready to set new benchmarks in the sports supplements industry.

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