Yutong Hosts Media Tour to Reveal Latest Laboratory Statistics

ZHENGZHOU, China, May 27, 2024 -- A group of journalists from 23 Europe-based news organizations embarked on a two-day tour at Yutong Bus (SHA:600066) Brand Experience Center, New Energy Manufacturing Base, and Engineering Testing Center, one of the top-notch labs globally dedicated to elevating and evaluating bus performance, safety, and technological innovation. The visit allowed the media delegation to have a close-up experience with Yutong's world-class EV innovation, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, electric vehicle solutions, autonomous driving, charging technology, and EV fleet management system that features intelligent bus dispatching and parking, which has refreshed standards in the public transportation sector.


23 European Journalists to Explore Industry-Transforming Innovation at the World's Top EV Laboratory in Zhengzhou, China.

"We invite European media professionals and industry partners to experience Yutong's innovative green transport solutions firsthand, opening up discussions about the future of city traffic as we aim to create more sustainable urban transport to benefit all Europeans," said Jack Li, CEO of Yutong Europe.

During the showcase, Yutong's e-mobility solutions aced a series of tests conducted in extreme conditions, proving their exceptional safety performance and stability in -30°C cold weather, then a rapidly spreading 1300°C fire, and 2 meters underwater. The solutions that wowed the audience included:

Yutong's industry-first nitrogen protection system, which is designed to ensure the battery pack is safeguarded by nitrogen. The three-layer fire protection bolsters the battery's capability to resist external flames and prevent spreading in a 1300℃/2h environment, substantially lowering the probability of battery fires and explosions in the event of accidents.

A leader in commercial vehicles and e-mobility solutions, Yutong, with its global position booted by a new vehicle engineering technology center that is backed by a 1 billion RMB investment and 4,316 patents. Having sold over 190,000 electric buses, a reduction in carbon emissions by 16 million tons, is equivalent to planting trees over an area of 130,000 hectares. Yutong equips its EV fleets with an array of global-leading technologies developed to significantly enhance efficiency, including the silicon carbide power domain controller, new generation electric drive axle, and ultra-low temperature heat pump, coupled with an intelligent cloud platform that allows users to achieve life-cycle management. With a consistent investment of over 5% of its annual income in research and development, Yutong aims to persistently concentrate on achieving breakthroughs in essential technologies for new energy commercial vehicles, facilitating the transportation industry's move towards sustainability.

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