LANSING, Mich., June 7, 2024 -- IONETIX, a leading cyclotron technology innovator, isotope producer, and radiopharmaceutical manufacturer, announced today the successful production of Actinium-225 ("Ac-225") at its isotope manufacturing facility located in Lansing, Michigan.

IONETIX is a US-based cyclotron and technology company founded in 2009. IONETIX offers turnkey N-13 Ammonia services domestically, as well as cyclotron equipment and installation services globally.

This first-of-kind facility is dedicated exclusively to producing alpha-emitting isotopes, including Ac-225, At-211 and Pb-212, using IONETIX's proprietary cyclotron accelerator technology. The company completed the installation and commissioning of the first cyclotron at the facility last year. A second cyclotron will be installed and commissioned in early 2025, adding both scalable supply capacity and onsite production redundancy. A second site at another US location is planned for 2026.

"Commercial cyclotron-produced Ac-225 is a first, and a pivotal milestone for our alpha isotope program and the radiotherapeutic industry," said David Eve, VP of Medical Affairs at IONETIX. "The demand for alpha emitters is surging and this will allow researchers and drug developers to access these crucial isotopes to support their drug development work."

Utilizing cyclotrons to produce Ac-225 is a very clean and efficient production pathway that can safely scale with the appropriate target technology and infrastructure. "Our facility was purpose-built to produce alpha isotopes," said Mark Leuschner, PhD, VP of Nuclear and Radiation Sciences at IONETIX. "We have spent years diligently working through every detail of the production cycle to enable high-output, scaled production of Ac-225. We now have produced non-carrier added Ac-225 and have successfully demonstrated the performance and purity of our production platform."

"This marks a significant advancement towards establishing a secure and robust commercial-stage supply chain for Ac-225," said Eve. "We look forward to building upon this success and scaling up production of Ac-225 to support the ultimate launch of these promising new cancer therapies."

IONETIX plans to release GMP grade Ac-225 to customers in late 2024.  


Utilizing its proprietary cyclotron technology platform, IONETIX has developed innovative solutions that enable access to scarce radioisotopes used for both diagnostic and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals. IONETIX offers both high-purity Actinium-225 (Ac-225) and Astatine-211 (At-211) for use in targeted alpha therapies.  IONETIX also provides N-13, F-18 and Ga-68 for diagnostic imaging. Its distribution supply chain includes contract drug manufacturing and "white glove" distribution logistics, allowing global access to these imaging agents and targeted radiotherapies. 

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