NEW DELHI, March 8, 2024 -- On the occasion of International Women's Day '24, Philip Morris International's India affiliate, IPM India, salutes diversity as its core strength and inclusion as chief business enabler; felicitating the unique perspective and contribution that women bring to society & the organization - reinforcing its commitment to inclusion, in every aspect.

Women Leaders at IPM India

IPM India is committed to fostering a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace, reflective of the world's diversity. The organisation's focus is on creating an environment where employees from across the globe can be their true selves at work, contribute their best, support each other, and drive the innovation and consumer-centricity. The DEI team is continuously designing and driving strategies and initiatives to ensure equity, representation, safety, and wellbeing. Furthermore, Gender diversity KPIs are part of the organisational objectives & are shared transparently with all employees. To achieve these objectives, the organisation is mindful of all aspects, small or big, that enable equal opportunities - from policies that aim to recruit men and women in equal number, on merit, across all levels to having every job opportunity shared in a gender-neutral language. The organisation uses diverse interview panels to reduce the risk of unconscious bias in talent assessments. Currently more than 50 per cent of the organisation's senior management roles across Sales, Operations, External Affairs, People & Culture & External Communications are being led by women leaders. 

Applauding our 'Sheroes', Navaneel Kar, Managing Director, IPM India said, "It's NOT a man's world! Never was, never will be…women lead from the front & make life better, every day!. We at IPM India salute each one of them. A woman is the source and power behind all creation in this world. This power is called Shakti in Indian philosophy. I have had the good fortune to work with many great women leaders and managers. By their innate personality, women are more compassionate, empathetic, sincere, resilient and hardworking. IPM India fosters a meritorious, equal opportunity environment. Inclusion & diversity is at the heart of it, with strong gender representation and policies. I do believe that while organisational empowerment and enabling structures are important, women themselves must continue to push boundaries, invest in themselves, take courageous decisions & leverage all resources & opportunities to the fullest – as we pioneer progressive winds of change."

Reflecting on the theme #inspireinclusion, Jasneet Kaur, Director, People & Culture, IPM India, said, "At IPM India, our goal is to create a supportive place that inspires and empower women to advance their skills, expand their network, and discover their full potential. We have undertaken a path of cultural transformation to be a future-ready organisation. Our I&D goal is to experience and feel the joy of belonging & our initiatives are based on 3 pillars: establishing a culture of open dialogue, leveraging talent diversity, and fostering a working environment for sustainable high performance. Achieving gender balance at all levels of the company is one of our top priorities and our focus is firmly on leveraging the full talents of both women and men."

IPM India celebrates #InspiredInclusion

Celebrating the occasion, Neha Tripathi, Area Sales Manager said, "As a woman in sales field, it is very important to have an inclusive workplace that empowers you. I've experienced firsthand, the commitment to diversity and inclusion through various initiatives at IPM India. From flexible work arrangements, safe travel practices to inclusive leadership training, the organisation prioritises creating opportunities for all employees to thrive & develop a secure space for them to grow."

Echoing her thoughts, Riminpreet Sodhi, Manager, Brand Engagement said, "As a working mother and donning various hats, I frequently tap into various Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and sign up to the ones that are of interest. One such group at IPM India is the Women's Inspiration Network (WIN) that has been a source of consistent inspiration and advice for us in this organisation."

Itisha Gupta Malvai, Manager, Regulatory Affairs added, "Equal development and growth opportunities at the workplace have always been essential drivers for me in my professional career – whether it pertains to gender, age, or cultural and educational background. At IPM India agility, collaboration and empathy are the cornerstone for business success, & have enabled a better workplace experience and significantly improved my productivity."

Sharing her perspective on inclusivity, Gaurii Pandey, Manager, People & Culture said, "I believe an environment where everyone is seen, heard & recognized is truly an inclusive workplace. The inclusion standards at IPM India have been such that one's inclusion journey starts from Day1. Initiatives that ensure employees with varied needs are provided a sustainably equitable ecosystem where they can all reach their full potential are at the core of our values." 

Bhanu Priya Bajaj, Company Secretary, Finance & Planning added, "Having a safe space as a person to be seen and heard & bring our experience is the true meaning of inclusivity for me. Policies without measurability often stray away from their intended impact, however at IPM India, the gender representation KPIs and collaborative approach are strong indicators of the intent to establish an inclusive and diverse workplace."

Commenting on the importance of growth at the workplace, Sneha Bedi, Legal Administrator said, "A nurturing environment with equal opportunities for all has been a requisite for me while I carved my career trajectory. At IPM India, we are constantly encouraged to upskill & grow in our field of work. In line with our DNA of 'We Care', numerous women centric engagements continue to inspire us on our respective enriching journeys."

With I&D as its nerve centre, IPM India has been certified with EQUAL SALARY, Great Place to Work (2020, 2022, 2024) and Top Employer for the fourth consecutive year.

About IPM India Wholesale Trading Private Limited

IPM India Wholesale Trading Private Limited is a joint venture between Philip Morris Brands Sarl of Switzerland and two Indian partners, Godfrey Phillips India Limited (GPI) and K.K. Modi Investment & Financial Services Private Limited.

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