Future-ready workplaces where soft skills like Collaboration, Resilience, Emotional Intelligence, Agility and Creative Thinking are critical, Kairos' engaging solutions will help create successful work environments that directly impact talent, leadership and culture  

BENGALURU, India, May 7, 2024 -- In today's complex and dynamic business environment, where strong interpersonal skills have become a competitive advantage, Bengaluru-based learning technology company Kairos, is all set to disrupt the Indian market by arming L&D professionals with the power of game-based learning to drive soft skills.

For the first time in India, Kairos' innovative suite of digital games, physical games & tools, combined with comprehensive resources, will provide L&D professionals the superpower they require to make soft-skill training impactful and engaging in a way that helps learners 'want learning'.

According to a 2023 Future of Jobs Report by the World Economic Forum, among the most critical soft skills required to run successful organisations are: Curiosity, Lifelong Learning, Motivation, Self-Awareness, Resilience, Flexibility and Agility. One of the biggest challenges L&D officers deal with at workplaces today is to move away from boring and traditional corporate learning programs, and find engaging and effective ways to motivate employees to participate in and complete their training hours.

"For the past two decades, at BlueSky Learning, we've been helping companies develop the 'X- Factor' by creating a positive work culture through game-based learning that reignites audience interest in learning soft-skills. The passive, content-heavy and one-size-fits-all approach to soft skills teaching have failed, creating a huge gap in this very critical space."

This is where Kairos comes in! Organisations are eager to find new and innovative ways to battle training fatigue, limited attention spans and abysmal completion rates. By building Kairos, we are looking to put the proven effectiveness of game-based learning in the hands of L&D professionals within organisations and the larger training community to overcome these challenges," said Bhaskar Thyagarajan, CEO & Founder BlueSky Learning & Kairos.

Kairos games strengthen soft skills in an interactive and fun way for virtual, hybrid and in-person cohort-based training. The 'Warehouse' game strengthens planning, organisation and execution skills; 'Value Continuum' helps understand mindsets, preferences and perceptions; 'Animal Farm', is a game of choices — to compete, collaborate or negotiate; 'Picture Perfect' perfects the skills of communication and leadership; 'Bottleneck Challenge' helps overcome obstacles through collaboration and strategy; and the 'Big Picture' makes one experience the power of collaboration and goal alignment.

The Kairos portfolio of games covers almost all the universally recognised soft skills and leadership competencies for senior leadership, middle managers, first time managers and employees, even covering life skills for the youth.

The unique game designs draw out instinctive behaviours and help bring to light the gaps between what participants think they know, vis-a-vis what they actually do at the workplace. The games offer real challenges that tap into intrinsic motivation to participate, interact, share and enable peer-to-peer learning.

At ATD24, Kairos will make its grand debut, unveiling its latest innovations at the world's leading learning and development conference.

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