MUMBAI, India, March 12, 2024 -- Liberty General Insurance launches its Women's Day brand video, 'Girls Breaking Free,' a compelling narrative that champions the essence of pride, and empowerment. This initiative is set to leave a lasting impact, symbolizing Liberty's commitment to Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion beyond just a single day.

The brand film breathes new life into a very colloquially used phrase 'Haath Se Nikal Gayi.' Traditionally laden with negative connotations, the term is reimagined to honor women who dare to defy societal norms and pursue their own paths with independence and self-assurance. It's a tribute to those who exhibit the courage to be their own person, embodying responsibility, ambition, and the spirit of freedom.

Reflecting on the campaign, Mr. Parag Ved, CEO & Whole Time Director, Liberty General Insurance, expressed, "The antiquated notion of 'Haath Se Nikal Gai' has historically served to undermine women's autonomy, suggesting a life under patriarchal oversight. This brand film flips this narrative, celebrating it as an emblem of liberation, independence, and the rightful control over one's destiny."

"More than just altering perceptions, through this video, we aim to contribute to a broader dialogue about gender equality, the dismantling of traditional gender roles, and the importance of creating a society where everyone, regardless of gender, has the opportunity to thrive based on their talents and aspirations. It's about recognizing the strength and potential of women to lead, innovate, and inspire change within our communities and industries," Mr. Ved added.

With the release of 'Girls Breaking Free', created by 'Water Communications', Liberty General Insurance transcends conventional celebrations of International Women's Day, proposing a reflective and forward-thinking interpretation of what genuine empowerment and equality entail in the contemporary world.

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Liberty General Insurance Ltd. (LGI) is a joint venture between Summit Asia Investment Holdings PTE Ltd.— a group company of Liberty Mutual Insurance Group, a diversified global insurer with over 900 offices across the world, headquartered in the U.S., Enam Securities, and Diamond Dealtrade. LGI commenced operations in 2013 with the aim of providing comprehensive retail, commercial and industrial insurance solutions. The company has an employee strength of 1100+ with presence across 100+ locations in 28 states and UTs. Its partner network consists of about 6000+ hospitals and more than 5000 auto service centres. The company offers health and personal accident insurance, car and two-wheeler insurance, employee compensation insurance, commercial insurance, engineering insurance, marine insurance, liability insurance and property insurance among other products in India.

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