BANGALORE, India, March 25, 2024 -- Manipal Hospital Millers Road has proudly introduced a one-of-a-kind initiative, Manipal Vriddara Maitri, aiming at providing comprehensive care for seniors. In a society where elderly care is increasingly becoming a pressing issue, with many of them finding themselves isolated or neglected, this program extends a caring hand to ensure their well-being.

At the heart of this senior care program lies a dedication to personalized care to improve the elderly community's physical, mental, and social health. Manipal Vriddara Maitri offers an exclusive senior care pathway for seniors aged 65 and above that addresses every aspect of senior health — ranging from preventive care and emergency services to rehabilitation and lifestyle management.

Dr. Manish Trivedi, Hospital Director, Manipal Hospital Millers Road, stated, "We understand the unique challenges faced by seniors and are dedicated to providing them with the support and care they deserve. With Manipal Vriddara Maitri, our commitment is more than just being healthcare providers — we aim to be trusted companions in their golden years. It will benefit our elderly community in ensuring they have the comfort and convenience when dealing with their healthcare needs at our facility."

Recognizing the importance of medication schedules, appointments will be prioritized to align with meal times, minimizing inconvenience for elderly patients. A dedicated helpline will also be in place for scheduling appointments, accompanied by a unique identity card that streamlines their access to dedicated executive support throughout outpatient treatments, post-discharge care, homecare services, as well as pick-up and drop-off services, available upon request. This end-to-end approach to care ensures that seniors can access the support they need without added stress or inconvenience.

Regarding the senior care program, Mr. Guru Deep Singh Nagpal, a senior citizen, remarked, "Health is what everybody is looking for throughout the world. After COVID-19, people have become more concerned about health than ever. I am very glad that Manipal Hospital Millers Road has initiated this program dedicated to senior care, which focuses on both mental well-being and physical support."

Another senior citizen, Mr. Vijay Bajaj, expressed gratitude towards the hospital and noted, "Since its inception, Manipal Hospitals has been doing a commendable job in providing care for everyone. Manipal Vriddara Maitri by Manipal Hospital Millers Road is truly excellent; we greatly appreciate the program, and as a senior citizen myself, look forward to benefit from it."

Talking about the launch event, Mrs. Shama Jiandani, said, "It was a very nice initiative about geriatric care. I would like to join this dedicated program where I can actively take charge of my health with the support of the doctors and hospital staff. As senior citizens, we are pleased to know that programs such as these exist at Manipal Hospital Millers Road."

As Manipal Hospital Millers Road continues to prioritize the well-being of senior care, Manipal Vriddara Maitri stands as a commitment to inclusive and compassionate healthcare.

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