DJ Group of Institutions based on Niwari Road, Modinagar, Delhi NCR, recently conducted an event marking its 3 decade long association with Bank of Baroda. The program was conducted on the sidelines of the inauguration of a new undergraduate hostel built on the DJ College campus.   Mr. Rakesh Sharma, General Manager, Bank of Baroda who currently heads the New Delhi zone presided over the event as its Chief Guest. The New Delhi Zone includes the territory of Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad, and covers key districts of Haryana as well. It has been ranked as the No.1 and top-performing administrative zone of Bank of Baroda over the last few months under the leadership of the new zonal head.   Speaking during the inauguration of the new hostel, Mr. Rakesh Sharma shared that, “The DJ Group of Institutions run by the Jassar Dental Medical Education Health Foundation is a valued customer of Bank of Baroda. The Modinagar branch shares a symbiotic relationship of growth and prosperity with the DJ family. Bank of Baroda is a bank of the people and our values are aligned with the objective of nation-building by serving our customers who are working across a diverse range of industries including infrastructure, energy, education, healthcare, etc.” He emphasised the enormity of the opportunity available to entrepreneurs working in India by noting that, “The next 25 years will be the golden period of Indian economy’s growth and we will become one of the world’s top three economies. We are delighted to be a part of the growth story of DJ Group of Institutions. The Jassar family is one of the lakhs of Indian families banking with us today. These families have trusted us with their banking, saving, operational and expansion needs. BOB is a bank with multi-generation relationships, that is our strength. We must continue, as an institution, to deliver on this trust and seek to exceed the expectations of our customers.”   Rhitik Jassar, Secretary, Jassar Dental Medical Education Health Foundation, delivering a keynote address shared: “The New Delhi zone was ranked 18th out of a total of 18 zones not too long ago. In a matter of just few months, a transformation has occurred under Rakesh sir and New Delhi Zone is the Pan-India leader amongst all zones of Bank of Baroda.” He reiterated the special relationship BOB enjoys with JDMEHF. “My family’s relationship with Bank of Baroda goes back 40 years. It started much before I was born. We have been banking with BOB since my grandfather, Sardar Sucha Singh Jassar’s time. In fact, the Modinagar branch was built right below my ancestral home, in a complex built by my family. I see myself as a mere custodian of that relationship.” He reiterated his commitment to Modinagar by pledging the next 10 years of his life to the realisation of his father, Ajit Singh Jassar’s, dream of providing “affordable, accessible, and quality education and healthcare to the city of Modinagar and Western Uttar Pradesh”.   Sarabjit Kaur Jassar, Chairperson, Jassar Dental Medical Education Health Foundation felicitated the guests. Senior officials of Bank of Baroda’s New Delhi Zone including Mr. Atul Karn, Deputy General Manager, Network, Mr. K.D. Arora, Assistant General Manager, Credit, Mr. Salesh Kumar, Regional Head Noida, Mr. Santosh Dhyani, Chief Manager, SME Division Noida and Mr. Avneesh Upadhyay, Chief Manager, Modinagar branch were in attendance.