Crypto Valley: Two pioneers open up the global real estate market

  • D¥N -issuer Dynasty acquires stake in tokenization service provider BrickMark
  • Settlement of the investment of CHF 10 million with Dynasty payment tokens
  • Tokenization of real estate worth CHF 1.5 billion planned through BrickMark

SÃO PAULO and ZUG, Switzerland, May 23, 2024 -- Tokenization pioneers Dynasty Global Investments AG (Dynasty) and BrickMark Group AG (BrickMark), based in Zug/Switzerland, today signed an agreement under which BrickMark will integrate the D¥N payment token issued by Dynasty into its tokenization platform for real estate. In return, Dynasty will acquire a strategic stake in BrickMark. The investment totaling CHF 10 million will be part of the Series A financing of BrickMark and settled mainly with Dynasty's payment token and cash. The financing is expected to close by the end of June 2024.

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This transaction represents a significant step for both companies as part of their growth strategy on the global property markets. The real estate-focused payment token D¥N issued by Dynasty is going to take on a leading role for tokenized real estate transactions in the future. From now on, real estate tokenized through the BrickMark platform can be traded with D¥N without any further effort.

BrickMark is set to tokenize real estate assets worth over CHF 1.5 billion on its platform in the coming months, with CHF 400 million of these assets already sourced from Dynasty's network. Through its tokenization platform BrickGate, BrickMark is already active in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates, and across the African continent. The collaboration with Dynasty will significantly extend BrickMark's reach to the American continent. Dynasty Token holders will have preferred access to any Real Estate Token offering of BrickMark's platform in the future.

Eduardo Carvalho, CEO and co-founder of Dynasty Global AG, expects the company's token to establish itself worldwide as a Tether for the property market. "Every cryptocurrency goes through various validation processes. In the case of Bitcoin, this first happened in 2010 when it was accepted for the purchase of two pizzas. For D¥N, the integration into the BrickMark platform is a strategic step that further emphasizes its value."

For Stephan Rind, CEO and founder of BrickMark Group AG, the integration of D¥N and the participation of Dynasty Global AG marks another significant milestone in the company's growth strategy. "Thanks to D¥N, we are now in a position to offer a uniform and cost-effective solution for a wide range of real estate transactions worldwide on the basis of a universal and recognized crypto currency, which gives private and institutional investors access to markets that were previously only open to a few."

D¥N has successfully completed the authorization process in Switzerland and is qualified as a payment token by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority. On May 1, 2024, in addition CVM, the Brazilian Financial Market Authority, authorized D¥N as a payment token for the Brazilian market with its 220 million consumer base. Dynasty Global AG is regulated by the Swiss financial market supervisory regime. With a maximum of 21 million tokens issuance, D¥N is currently listed in Brazil via Mercado Bitcoin and with other international exchanges.


Dynasty Global AG 

Dynasty Global AG is the first cryptocurrency issuing company in the world to use a real estate portfolio as a reference for its payment tokens. Through D¥N, the issuer can simplify financial and real estate transactions globally and provide a decentralized experience, as well as greater stability, since it has a reference value of a real asset. With a strong presence in the European, Asian, and Brazilian markets, the company is headquartered in Zug in Crypto Valley, Switzerland. With maximum of 21 million tokens issuance, D¥N is listed on various global exchanges, and in Brazil, it is available on the Mercado Bitcoin exchange.

BrickMark Group AG 

BrickMark Group AG is a first-tier pioneer in the tokenization of real estate assets and a one-stop-solution provider to create, issue and manage digital assets and securities. Since its inception in 2018, the company has been a leader in a variety of transactions, including for the world's largest tokenization of a single commercial property on Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich. To date, the company has executed tokenization transactions with a total value of more than USD 160 million. BrickMark developed and operates the first fully scalable vertical tokenization infrastructure for real estate assets in Europe, BRICKGATE, to cater to the rapidly growing tokenization markets, whose volume is expected to grow from USD 310 billion in 2022 to USD 16 trillion in 2030. BrickMark Group is headquartered in the Canton of Zug, with a subsidiary in Luxemburg. 


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