Colin, India’s No. 1 glass and household cleaner brand, has launched an inspiring campaign #ChamakNayiSochKi, encouraging people to acknowledge the dignity of house helps and end discriminatory practices. The campaign urges consumers to reflect on and break preconceived norms of giving house helps separate utensils, leftovers or old clothes among many others, promoting equality and inclusivity within households. #ChamakNayiSochKi is focused on driving societal change by bringing in a new belief and shine in our mindsets, while Colin ensures the shine of multiple surfaces at homes.

In today’s era, the indispensable services of our domestic help keep the wheels of our lives turning, however, traditions like using separate cutlery and giving them old clothes persist. As an extension to the campaign, Colin will also conduct a collection drive – Discard The Cup urging people to give away the used utensils reserved for their house helps and join the movement to end discrimination toward house helps. Through this drive, Colin aims to invoke the feeling of gratitude towards house helps and inspire a culture of empathy.

Saurabh Jain, Regional Marketing Director, Hygiene, Reckitt - South Asia said, “For decades, Colin has been a household name with unparalleled equity on maintaining shine across multiple surfaces in consumer homes. This shine is also reflected in the growth of a higher consumer conscience towards more modern & equitable thinking which is making our consumers’ hearts and minds shine as well. Being a household surface brand, domestic helps play a huge role in our category & especially the life of our consumers. Colin’s new campaign, ‘Chamak Nayi Soch ki’ is a testament to our commitment to foster a more inclusive environment in households & to bring back much desired dignity to domestic helps. The campaign, which draws inspiration from the saying ‘small things go a long way’, encourages people to eliminate the use of separate utensils for house helps. To ensure that our hearts shine as much as our homes, we are urging people to support us and break free from the instinctual behavior towards house helps.”

Conceptualised by tgthr, the campaign was launched with an ad film which discourages people from discriminating with their house helps. The ad film beautifully captures the candid chit chat between two friends while they prepare tea. Upon the arrival of the domestic help, one of the friends starts searching for an old used cup to serve her tea. On noticing this, the other friend urges her to consider the house helps as one of them and hand out tea in the same cup to the help, as them.

Aalap Desai, CCO & Co-Founder, tgthr said, “A separate cup, a separate plate, and separate utensils, separate us from those we think are inferior to us. It's modern day casteism that we unknowingly participate in and perpetrate without realizing what we are actually doing. For the ones who don't have such a divide in their house, the campaign is a pat on the back and for those who do, it's a gentle awakening to make them see the unseen.”

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Agency & Production house: tgthr
Director: Vishal Sagar
Colin is available in 125ml, 250ml, 500ml and 1000ml sizes priced at INR 39, INR 72, INR 109, INR 197 respectively at offline and online stores across markets in India.