BENGALURU, India, June 11, 2024 -- Exciting developments are underway as The Art of Living and Ashirvad by Aliaxis are joining forces to launch major environmental and social projects across India. The big reveal happened on the 9th of June 2024, at The Art of Living International Center in Bengaluru. The event was graced by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, world renowned humanitarian, spiritual leader and founder of The Art of Living; and also featured Shri Arvind Chandra, the dynamic CEO of Ashirvad by Aliaxis.

Promising Plans for the Future

The two influential powerhouses are set to roll out a series of impactful projects aimed at enhancing water conservation and community empowerment. Here's what to expect:

River Rejuvenation, Restoring Vital Waterways

A comprehensive approach will restore the hydrological cycle and revitalise water bodies in Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh. Specialised structures designed by scientists, hydrogeologists, and GIS experts will maximise water percolation into groundwater aquifers. 

JalTara Project, Enhancing Water Sustainability

The secret behind JalTara's success lies in its simplicity and the dedication of its architects. Recharge structures, unpretentious in design, help in replenishing and storing water in the ground. 1,000 such JalTara structures will be built across Maharashtra, Telangana, and Karnataka to boost water resources.

Pond Rehabilitation, Sustainable Sewage Treatment:

Two key ponds in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan, have been contaminated with sewage over the years. To address this, sewage treatment plants with cutting-edge wastewater treatment systems will be set up near both ponds - providing cost-effective and natural sewage treatment. The initiative will also involve community engagement.

Tree Plantation, Reclaiming the 'Garden City'

An impressive 15,714 trees will be planted in Bengaluru, Karnataka, to help restore the city's former glory as the 'Garden City'. This effort aims to significantly boost the local ecosystem by enhancing green cover and improving air quality. The project not only contributes to alleviating heat but also supports biodiversity and offers recreational green spaces for the community. Through this large-scale plantation drive, Bengaluru will see a greener, healthier and more sustainable environment.

Women Empowerment, Bridging the Skills Ga

Skill training will be provided to 375 women through the Bridge Training Program in Karnataka, Maharashtra and Goa. This aims to equip women with the tools and knowledge needed to thrive in their communities and beyond. 

Why It Matters

This collaboration is all about creating a sustainable and empowered future. By combining their strengths, The Art of Living and Ashirvad by Aliaxis aim to conserve water and green spaces, tackle environmental challenges and provide valuable skills to women, driving social change and uplifting communities.

Stakeholders and the wider community are invited to participate in this journey toward a more sustainable and empowered India. 

About The Art of Living Social Projects 

The Art of Living is a global non-profit organisation dedicated to peace, well-being, and humanitarian service. Committed to holistic development, The Art of Living champions various initiatives, including water conservation, sustainable agriculture, afforestation, free education, skill development, women empowerment, integrated village development, renewable energy and waste management. Through these multifaceted efforts, The Art of Living strives to create positive social and environmental impact, fostering a more sustainable and harmonious future for all.

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