This marks the first time that Bitcoin is being tested as a Data Availability Layer

GEORGE TOWN, Cayman Islands, June 5, 2024 -- Citrea is thrilled to announce the launch of its Public Devnet for developers and users. Citrea Public Devnet marks the first time that Bitcoin is being tested as a data availability layer. With this launch, Bitcoin will serve as a foundational layer for complex applications, allowing developers leverage full Bitcoin security. Citrea Public Devnet is also available for users to engage with applications deployed on the network.

Citrea is the first ZK rollup that uses Bitcoin both as a data availability and a settlement layer, via its BitVM-based trust-minimized two-way peg program - Clementine. Citrea is fully EVM compatible, enabling all the EVM developers to easily build on Bitcoin.

Citrea's unique approach to Bitcoin scalability and its Public Devnet signifies:

  • The first time that Bitcoin's scalability limit as a data availability layer is tested.
  • First and only ZK rollup that inscribes state differences along with the zero-knowledge proofs of the batches to Bitcoin.
  • Only scalability solution to allow developers to build complex applications that inherit full Bitcoin security.

Making Bitcoin the Foundation for World's Finance

Citrea's vision is to build scalable infrastructure that advances Bitcoin into its next phase, the foundation for the World's finance. Achieving this vision requires scaling Bitcoin blockspace to increase its transaction capacity and offer more expressivity and features without changing its consensus rules.

Today, Citrea Public Devnet goes live marking the first step in establishing Bitcoin as the base layer for a dynamic financial ecosystem. Developers who want to build on Citrea can now refer to its development guide and contact the team about their application ideas through the developer contact form.

Bridge to Citrea Public Devnet: Users can now engage with decentralized applications deployed on the Devnet by bridging test BTC from the custom Bitcoin signet to Citrea Public Devnet. Claiming funds from Citrea Public Devnet is trustless. This means that users can unilaterally get their funds back after 200 Bitcoin blocks when encountered a problem with their deposit. Although funds have no value in Devnet and Testnet stages, Citrea team has prioritized enabling their users to experience the trustless claiming feature.

Secure on-chain finance with Bitcoin!

About Citrea

Citrea is the first rollup that enhances the capabilities of Bitcoin blockspace with zero-knowledge technology, making it possible to build everything on Bitcoin. For more information, please visit:

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