BENGALURU, India and DUBAI, UAE, April 18, 2024 -- Stockify Fintech, a prominent player in the financial technology landscape, is celebrating one of its major milestones, achieving a turnover of USD 10+ million in the 2023-2024 fiscal year. Such an accomplishment certainly highlights Stockify's relentless pathway of steady growth and its priceless resolve to provide investors with groundbreaking financial tools.

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The Chartered Accountants Piyush Jhunjhunwala and Rahul Khatuwala unveiled Stockify Fintech which stands as a showpiece of the open business sector achieving unparalleled success. Despite the fact that Stockify is a small company, it has been able to achieve profits and establish itself as a shining example compared to other financial startups in India.

"We are happy to announce that Stockify Fintech has passed the USD 10 million turnover figure in the 2023-2024 fiscal year," said Piyush Jhunjhunwala, CEO of Stockify Fintech. He further added, "We accomplished this goal because of the cooperation and diligence of our team, and the loyalty and support of our customers. As a startup company, we take our achievement of our values and financial independence with pride."

This success is enhanced by Stockify's geographical expansion strategies. Stockify, being a financial technology company, has positioned itself to be the leading player in the industry. The offices are strategically located in the three major cities of Bangalore, Kolkata, and Dubai. The company leaves no country uncovered as they have already started the process of establishing the business in the US depicting their competitive advantage globally.

The CEO of Stockify Fintech, Mr. Rahul Khatuwala, stated, "We are really looking forward to the future opportunities as Stockify Fintech spreads in the emerging markets. From the startup started by three of us to a leading organization with more than twenty team members, our constant focus on value-creation and customer fulfillment has proven a lasting test of time."

Stockify Fintech is on the mission of giving wide access to financial opportunities for all investors. The company is strongly committed to its central goal of improving investors' lives and fostering a culture of financial inclusiveness. The company's stock management application Stockify provides investors with a diverse range of investment products including unlisted and pre-IPO shares, private equity, mutual funds, bonds, and insurance-linked investments. The wide variety of investments satisfying the growing demands of the investors is opened for them so that they can take advantage of exciting investments.

Stockify Fintech's growth and accomplishments have gained widespread recognition in the space of fintech over time. Stockify Fintech, having an established record of achievement and a vision for the future, is prepared to carry on with its innovative journey. This would strengthen it as a pioneer within the financial technology sphere.

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About Stockify Fintech:

Stockify Fintech is a fintech venture by Chartered Accountants Piyush Jhunjhunwala and Rahul Khatuwala, pioneers in the arena of financial services offering an array of class-leading solutions in the realm of investment.

For more information, Call Rahul Khatuwala on +91-9591810391 (Bengaluru, India), E:  or Piyush Jhunjhunwala on +97-1502344662 (Dubai, UAE).

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