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MUMBAI, India, April 26, 2024 -- Baccarose, a renowned name in the fragrance industry, proudly announces its latest venture – Eternal Journey, an exclusive fragrance brand crafted to resonate with the rhythm of life and the essence of inner balance. Developed in collaboration with Pierre Ravan, renowned DJ, producer, and spiritual guide, Eternal Journey unveils a collection that captures the essence of a continuous, harmonious experience.

Eternal Journey takes inspiration from the KaRavan concept, pioneered by Pierre Ravan, which combines music, yoga, and meditation into a transformative 24-hour journey. With this new venture into luxury fragrances, Pierre Ravan extends the ethos of balance and unity to the realm of fragrance, allowing individuals to embark on their own Eternal Journey through sensory exploration.

Commenting on the launch of Eternal Journey, Kadambari Lakhani, Director of Baccarose Perfumes & Beauty Products Pvt. Ltd., expressed, "We are excited to unveil Eternal Journey, a fragrance that embodies a unique fusion of scent and spirituality. This collaboration with Pierre Ravan signifies our commitment to introducing transformative experiences to the fragrance enthusiasts of India. We believe Eternal Journey will resonate strongly with those seeking a deeper connection through the art of perfumery, enriching India's olfactory landscape with elegance and wellness."

Commenting on the launch Pierre Ravan, creator Eternal Journey, said, "Entering the vibrant and diverse Indian market with Eternal Journey is an exhilarating moment. We bring more than just fragrances to India; we bring an invitation to embark on a transformative sensory odyssey. Our partnership with Baccarose showcases our unwavering dedication to delivering an unparalleled olfactory experience to the Indian consumer. As we unveil our distinct collections - each a unique journey of scent and emotion - we invite our customers to embrace the epitome of French luxury perfumery, where every fragrance tells a story of sophistication and creativity."

The Eternal Journey fragrance collection offers a gender-fluid range designed to evolve with the wearer's day, mirroring the phases from sunrise to sunset and beyond. Comprising three distinct perfumes, each tailored to a specific time of day, the collection is a testament to the transformative power of scent:

Sunrise to Sunset: Awaken the senses with a harmonious blend that mirrors the tranquility of dawn. This fragrance, infused with Mandarin, Orange Blossom, and Dreamwood, evokes a sense of peace and centeredness perfect for the start of the day.

Sunset to Midnight: As the day transitions into evening, indulge in a fragrance that embodies harmony and introspection. Featuring notes of Incense, Helvetolide, and Myrrh, this scent captures the essence of twilight, preparing one for the night ahead.

Midnight to Sunrise: Embrace the magic of the night with a captivating blend that symbolizes creativity and renewal. Saffron, Cashmeran, and Oud combine to evoke a sense of euphoria and escapism, guiding one towards dawn.

Baccarose is strategically introducing Eternal Journey Perfumes into the thriving fragrance market of India, aligning with the country's growing appreciation for luxury and artistic expression. This partnership enriches Baccarose's fragrance portfolio, adding the unique and sophisticated offerings of Eternal Journey. The collaboration reinforces Baccarose's position as a leader in the Indian fragrance market, introducing a world of artistry and enhancing sensory experiences.

Eternal Journey will be available exclusively at Parcos stores and online at Parcos.com & Tata Clique platforms, retailing at Rs. 18,000 for a 100ml Eau de Parfum.

About Eternal Journey

Eternal Journey is a pioneering luxury fragrance brand that harmonizes artistry with accessibility, redefining the landscape of niche perfumery. Our mission is to democratize the world of fine fragrances, offering exquisite scents crafted with meticulous care and premium ingredients, yet accessible to all. Each fragrance within the Eternal Journey collection is a testament to our commitment to quality, elegance, and personalization, ensuring a deeply enriching olfactory experience for every individual.

Driven by a passion for innovation and a dedication to excellence, Eternal Journey embodies a strategic partnership that resonates with India's evolving taste for luxury scents. We aspire to elevate the standards of perfumery, enriching the olfactory tapestry of India while providing unparalleled access to global sophistication and craftsmanship. Immerse yourself in the essence of Eternal Journey and discover a world where luxury knows no bounds. Experience the journey. Embrace the eternal. Discover Eternal Journey.

For more information, visit: https://theeternaljourney.com/

About Baccarose:

In 1984, Mr. Hemansu Kotecha founded Baccarose and soon began making inroads into the burgeoning Indian beauty industry. With an unparalleled understanding of local customer preferences and a prized operational nous, Baccarose today is a leader in the distribution of international luxury beauty brands in India. The core mission & vision of the company is to be the leading authority in the Indian luxury Beauty market and undisputed partner-of-choice for leading international brands. To build the Luxury Beauty business in India, establish our partner luxury brands as preferred choices for consumers/retailers and bring an international shopping experience to consumers in India.

For more information, visit: https://baccarose.com/

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