SINGAPORE and LONDON, April 23, 2024 -- Speeki, a global leader in ESG and sustainability performance management and reporting software and assurance, has announced the release of new reporting features within its software to make ESG and sustainability reporting simple and more valuable for global companies.


With a platform to design, implement, monitor, measure, report and track non-financial initiatives including all ESG and sustainability areas, companies can focus on non-financial reporting, assurance and certification.


The demand for ESG and sustainability reporting is increasing and shows no signs of abating. More and more countries are regulating mandatory disclosures of ESG and sustainability information. Europe, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Singapore and, most recently, the United States have all mandated complete or part disclosures for their largest companies.

Many companies face a daunting regulatory reporting challenge compounded by struggles to gather essential data for disclosure. Insufficient investment in ESG programmes and systems leaves them without necessary metrics, further complicated by a lack of expertise and resources. Even when suitable personnel are found, they're often inundated and resort to makeshift solutions like spreadsheets and to-do lists.

In response to these challenges, Speeki has expanded the reporting features of its ESG and sustainability platform to support reporting data according to newly-released regulatory reporting standards, including CSRD (ESRS), IFRS (S1 – General Requirements for Disclosure of Sustainability-related Financial Information and S2 – Climate-related Disclosures) and several more.

Supporting companies in managing over 20 ESG and sustainability programme topics, Speeki promotes a "write once, report multiple times" concept, where data from the platform can be generated in different formats to meet various regulatory disclosure requirements. This makes reporting as simple as selecting a standard and pressing a button.

Speeki's unique and proprietary Engage™ framework, supported by an embedded AI assistant known as Nicole, helps users of Speeki build programmes across 20 different key ESG and sustainability topics with step-by-step guidance provided within the software, thereby reducing the resources and expertise challenges reported by companies.

Visit this page for more information about Speeki's software, consulting and assurance offerings. For media enquiries or further details, please contact Speeki's Marketing Director Ana Garcia.

Speeki helps companies build, manage, report and assure their non-financial business performance.

*Speeki licenses and applies the IFRS® Sustainability Disclosure Standards, SASB® Standards and SICS in our work.


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