BENGALURU, India, March 26, 2024 -- Manipal Hospital Varthur Road celebrated World Kidney Day 2024 by hosting a special event dedicated to raising awareness about kidney disease among senior citizens. The event, attended by approximately 120 seniors from various Resident Welfare Associations, featured esteemed neurologists Dr. Manoharan B, Consultant – Nephrology, Dr. Garima Aggarwal, Consultant – Nephrologist and Renal Transplant Physician and Dr. Rashmi S R, Consultant – Nephrology, from Manipal Hospital Varthur Road shared invaluable insights into detecting, protecting, and treating kidney diseases.

While Dr. Garima emphasized the need to talk about kidney diseases and why kidney disease is often called the silent epidemic or silent killer, Dr. Manoharan B enlightened the audience about the causes and symptoms of kidney disease, and Dr. Rashmi S stressed why the elderly should be extra cautious about their kidney health and highlighted the importance of lifestyle modification and control of comorbidities in maintaining kidney health.

Dr. Garima Aggarwal, opened the event by enlightening participants about the basics of kidney function and anatomy. Addressing the pressing need to discuss kidney diseases, Dr. Aggarwal stated, "Kidney disease is often called the silent killer affecting one in ten individuals. The global prevalence of kidney disease is 10%, but in India, it is almost 20%. The common age of presenting with kidney disease in India is 50 +/- 15 years, and unfortunately, more than 50% of patients in India present with advanced stages of kidney failure." Furthermore, she spoke about how to keep the kidneys healthy. She urged the audience to practice a healthy lifestyle and take proper measures to control blood pressure, manage their weight, control sugar levels, have a healthy kidney-friendly diet, use medications with precaution, quit smoking, and exercise regularly.

Continuing the discourse, Dr. Manoharan B shed light on the causes, symptoms, and importance of early detection of kidney diseases. He emphasized that, "Early detection of kidney diseases can act as a life saviour as it can prevent the disease from progressing and delay complications. It can also help reduce the need for dialysis or a renal transplant. Kidney diseases can be detected early by either symptoms or tests." Dr. Manoharan provided insights into identifying symptoms and available diagnostic tests crucial for early intervention. He urged the participants to undergo an annual kidney check up to monitor their kidney health.

Dr. Rashmi S R then took the stage to speak about the types of kidney diseases, determining the severity of kidney disease, how the involvement of other organs affects kidney diseases, the various treatment options available for kidney diseases, and the factors determining the treatment modalities. Emphasizing why the elderly should be extra cautious about their kidney health, Dr. Rashmi S R said, "The prevalence of kidney disease increases with age. Individuals aged 60 and above are more prone to kidney disease than individuals in younger age groups. After kidneys have failed the only treatment option are dialysis or kidney transplant. It is important for people to focus on health & lifestyle. If kidney disease is detected early, it can be treated."

Throughout the event, attendees received comprehensive guidance on adopting a kidney-friendly lifestyle. Such events showcase Manipal Hospital Varthur Road's commitment to empowering communities with knowledge and resources to combat kidney disease and enhance overall well-being.

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