GURUGRAM, India, May 31, 2024 -- Helios Tech Solutions, a leader in advanced automation solutions and Artificial Intelligence, proudly introduces its Unmanned Weighbridge Centering System. This innovative technology improves efficiency through continuous operation, reduced waiting times, elimination of human errors, enterprise-level integration, and enhanced security and control over the weighing process. It facilitates fully automated weighing operations 24*7, eliminating the need for a dedicated operator and enhancing operational efficiency.

The Unmanned Weighbridge Centering System integrates a variety of peripheral devices, intended to perform tasks typically managed by a weighbridge operator. These components include positioning sensors and cameras, which work together to ensure accurate truck alignment on the weighbridge. The system also incorporates display and PA (Public Address) systems that provide real-time feedback and instructions to drivers, thereby facilitating seamless and efficient weighing operations. Additionally, boom barriers are seamlessly integrated into the system to regulate access and enhance traffic flow, thereby improving operational efficiency and safety protocols.

Designed as a standalone solution, this system can be easily integrated with new or existing weighbridges of any make, supporting both uni-directional and bi-directional operations.

The Unmanned Weighbridge Centering System offers several key features and benefits to enhance operational efficiency and data management. Equipped with an RFID, Reader proudly manufactured in India, the system enables swift and precise vehicle identification, streamlining the weighing process. An IP Camera ensures thorough auditing by capturing truck images, adding an extra layer of security and accountability. Voice Guidance and Information Displays provide continuous support to drivers, ensuring smooth operations throughout. Furthermore, the system seamlessly integrates with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems such as Oracle, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, and Tally, allowing for centralized management of weighing data across multiple sites, optimizing workflow and facilitating effective decision-making.

"Presently, the HTS Unmanned Weighbridge Centering System is actively deployed across diverse industry sectors such as agriculture, cement, construction, sugar, and mining, efficiently handling a significant volume of daily transactions," said Mr. Sidakpreet Singh Batra, Managing Director of Helios Tech Solutions. "This innovative solution offers significant cost savings and operational efficiencies by eliminating manual data entry, reducing human error, and ensuring 24/7 availability. We are proud to revolutionize weighing operations with this advanced technology."

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