• Circular Computing and Total IT Global sign strategic agreement to supply BSI-certified remanufactured laptops.

  • The global leader in IT remanufacturing will provide laptops that perform “equal to or better than new” while saving on both emissions and costs.

  • Total IT Global’s worldwide presence, deep expertise in IT asset lifecycle management services and flexible financing options will open up a world of possibilities for enterprises.


Circular Computing, the global leader in sustainable IT and laptop remanufacturing, has today announced a new strategic partnership with Total IT Global to supply the world’s first BSI-certified remanufactured laptops. The announcement was made at Circular Computing’s Re: Sustainable IT Summit, which aims to advance the circular economy in the IT sector.
Each laptop undergoes a rigorous 360-point process to ensure it performs “equal to or better than new” while saving on both emissions and costs, with performance guaranteed by the BSI Kitemark™. As businesses increasingly prioritise ESG, the collaboration between Total IT Global and Circular Computing represents a significant step toward the global normalisation of remanufactured laptops in enterprise settings.
Companies will now have access to certified carbon-neutral IT hardware that produces only 6.34% of CO2 emissions compared with an average new laptop, according to a peer-reviewed scientific study by Cranfield University2. The partnership will help clients scale faster and more effectively, with Total IT Global’s asset financing, tech support and Device as a Service (DaaS), providing a holistic solution for environmentally responsible IT deployment.
Akhil Gupta, Chief Executive Officer of Total IT Global, said: "This collaboration will open new vistas for enterprises to choose responsibly and make a measured impact towards sustainability. With Circular Computing's technology and Total IT Global's worldwide presence and capabilities in Device as a Service (DaaS), we can introduce a whole new way of deploying hardware to the world."
Rod Neale, Founder and CEO of Circular Computing, added: “We’re excited to collaborate with Total IT Global which has a global presence supporting the end customers’ digital journey. Sustainability is high on the agenda for business leaders, but it’s never going to have scale unless we can commercialise it. We’ve achieved that now in Europe, and have a rapidly growing list of business customers that rely on us to deliver a sustainable and socially responsible way to buy enterprise-grade IT.
“High-quality, reliable, second-life hardware is a big part of the solution to both climate change and the e-waste crisis, and this partnership is yet another stepping stone towards making a truly circular economy a reality. Remanufacturing is the new new, and I couldn’t be happier with the progress the industry has made in recent months.”
1 The global E-waste Monitor 2024 – Electronic Waste Rising Five Times Faster than Documented E-waste Recycling: UN
2 Circular Computing performance comparison for office tasks: New vs. remanufactured by Cranfield University