COIMBATORE, India, March 29, 2024 -- In the challenging journey of overcoming any addiction be it alcohol, gambling, narcotics or even mobile a crucial factor for success lies in comprehending the available treatment options. The initial step towards recovery is acknowledging the profound impact of addiction not only on one's daily life but on others too. Addicts affect everyone from work to social interactions, education, and recreation.

Any addiction can significantly create many problems in an individual's well-being. Though there are many treatments for addiction and detoxification programs, communities like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) play a crucial role in fostering motivation, education, and connection. But what is more important is where one gets a deaddiction treatment done. There are some of the best rehabilitation centers in India that offer a comprehensive treatment program and one of them is Abhasa.

"The one shoe fits all concept does not work for addicts who are fighting hard to overcome substance abuse in any form. At Abhasa, we recognize the unique nature of each addiction. So, every individual has access to a diverse range of treatment options. Our treatment plans are dynamic, meet changing requirements, and ensure sustained recovery. The effectiveness of our addiction treatment is customized as we take into factors such as the type and severity of addiction. Individualized plans may encompass inpatient or outpatient programs, counseling, participation in self-help groups, and medication," said Ms Gayathri Arvind, Founder and MD, Abhasa.

"The initial step involves clearing substances from the body while effectively managing withdrawal symptoms. Medications play a pivotal role in easing the withdrawal process," she added.

"We also have groups that empower individuals by providing a supportive network. Varied formats, including one-to-one, group, or family sessions, provide a foundation for addressing addiction. Therapeutic techniques such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, family therapy, motivational talks, Yoga, meditation, and incentive-based approaches help an addict to recover quickly and significantly," Ms. Gayathri stressed.

"As Abhasa is a luxury rehab center, for sustained recovery, longer-term programs focus on achieving abstinence and reintegrating individuals into daily life. Residential facilities offer 24-hour care, therapeutic communities, and recovery housing, providing a structured environment tailored to diverse needs," she said.

The path to recovery from substance-related disorders demands a comprehensive and prolonged treatment approach. Starting with detoxification, therapeutic interventions, participating in rehabilitation programs, and maintaining ongoing support helps tremendously. Further to the treatment, the coupling of medication with psychotherapy significantly contributes to sustained recovery from addiction. "While the path to recovery is unique for each individual, understanding multifaceted treatment options is the first stride toward a healthier, substance-free life," she pointed out.

About Abhasa

Abhasa was started in 2019 at Coimbatore and opened its second centre in Karjat, Maharashtra in 2021. The organization follows a holistic approach towards treating its patients who come to Abhasa and leave the centre in 90 days; fully recovered.

The success of Abhasa is due to its holistic way of treating patients. Their holistic treatments, carefully created after six years of intense research, understanding the pain points of patients, and family members, and the limitations of rehab centers across India made them create this program that has been a runaway success.

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