BEIJING, April 23, 2024 -- Wuliangye, a reputed Chinese baijiu brand, gained popularity among Chilean people who attended activities of its "Harmony & Beauty" global cultural exchange tour in Santiago of Chile.

Photo shows the scene of Wuliangye Group's global tour event in Santiago, capital of Chile on April 19, 2024 (Photo provided by Wuliangye)

Bringing Chilean liquor lovers its premier products, the company initiated the event, one of its thematic transnational cultural exchange activities, to enhance communication between people from different cultures.

With Sichuan Opera and Cueca dance performances staged by turns in Wuliangye's exhibition zone in Santiago on April 19, some Chilean attendees were impressed by the refreshing flavor of Wuliangye-based special cocktail and the diverse Chinese cultural elements that decorated Wuliangye's booths.

Zeng Congqin, board chairman of Wuliangye Group, said Chile and China's Sichuan have much in common such as profound history, abundant resources, life-loving people, and in particular the globally renowned liquors and hoped a mix of Chilean wine and Chinese baijiu would produce more fascinating flavors.

"Harmony and Beauty" stands always for what the Chinese baijiu maker advocates. Wuliangye, made from five types of grains such as rice and sticky rice originated from China, sorghum originally from Africa, wheat from west Asia and corn originated from South America, served as a harmonious embodiment of different beauties.

Zeng noted that Wuliangye Group planned to further leverage liquor, a universal language that transcends history and national boundaries, to boost mutual learning and appreciation of the Chinese and Chilean cultures and create more stories of harmonious friendships and development.

During the event, Zeng and representatives from different circles of the two countries jointly stamped the scroll for Wuliangye's "Harmony and Beauty" global tour in Chile. 

After a local market survey, Wuliangye Group communicated with Chilean beverage firm CCU for potential cooperation in liquor products and launched a one week-long cultural activity with famous restaurants and bars in Santiago to engage Chilean consumers with the unique appeal of liquors and cuisines from China's Sichuan.

Known for its fragrant, sweet and mellow flavor, Wuliangye is a forerunner among Chinese baijiu producers in "going global" and will continue to explore the global market through expanding the "Chinese cuisines plus Chinese baijiu"-based consumption scenarios.

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