The COAP (Community Outreach and Awareness Program) Club of Manthan School Hyderabad, as part of the ISP Changemakers project, took on the responsibility of cleaning the surroundings of Tellapur Lake in Hyderabad, a local water body facing environmental degradation due to garbage accumulation.

Manthan students during the Lake cleaning initiative

The project aimed to promote environmental stewardship, raise awareness about waste management, and actively engage with the community residing near the lake. The cleaning drive took place from March 11th to March 16th, with student and teacher volunteers working together to restore the cleanliness of the lake and its surroundings.

Students conducted an initial survey to understand the waste disposal habits and challenges faced by residents living near the lake. The data collected from the survey helped identify areas for improvement and targeted intervention.

Student volunteers, along with teacher volunteers, conducted a thorough cleaning drive around the peripheral areas of Tellapur Lake. Garbage and litter were removed, including plastic waste, debris, and other pollutants that had accumulated over time.

Residents were educated about the harmful effects of improper waste disposal on the environment and water bodies. Information sessions were conducted to promote responsible waste management practices, including segregation of dry and wet waste. Dustbins were distributed to approximately 28 families residing near Tellapur Lake. Each household received two dustbins - one with blue sticker for dry waste and green sticker for wet waste - along with guidance on their proper use and placement.

The project fostered community participation and raised awareness about the importance of preserving natural resources. Residents near the lake became actively involved in waste management initiatives and expressed commitment to maintaining cleanliness. GHMC also got involved and sent workers to assist the students with the cleaning.

"We are proud of our students and staff for taking up such initiatives. At Manthan, we encourage students to constantly be aware of various challenges being faced by our community and come up with solutions that can help solve them," said Mr. Surjeet Singh, Principal, Manthan School, Hyderabad.

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