MUMBAI, India, April 2, 2024 -- CodeSkin, a highly anticipated Indian skincare brand, is set to make an impactful entry into the industry with the unveiling of a complete range of seven revolutionary sunscreens. Curated by founder and skincare authority Mr. Oscar Pereira, one of the pioneers of the skincare industry in the country. Mr. Oscar's legacy is inked in the trailblazing success of Cheryl's Cosmeceuticals—proudly counted among the few Indian brands to have been acquired by beauty behemoth L'Oréal in 2013. Now, CodeSkin is poised to redefine skincare standards with its commitment to Safe, Effective and Clean beauty.

"Beauty begins with honesty."

In an increasingly cluttered marketplace where ambiguous ingredients and unsubstantiated claims are peddled to unsuspecting masses, Mr. Pereira's clinical research-driven approach to developing effective skincare products appears rare. His search for a Safe, Effective and Clean sunscreen instead unveiled the alarming presence of toxic ingredients in generic skincare labels. Consumed by the belief that everyday skincare consumers deserve better, he set out to democratize the beauty landscape with CodeSkin.

To give the people a world-class product made in India.

"Why choose between what works and what is good for your skin?"

Years of uncompromising research and an unflinching commitment to perfection serve as the foundational stones of CodeSkin as its CodeSkin questions existing norms of safety, effectiveness and clean beauty with paradigm-shifting formulations.

CodeSkin sunscreens are a debut range of an eventual comprehensive skincare brand. The sunscreens use world-class ingredients rated highest on safety, effectiveness and clean beauty. The formulations have been clinically tested for effectiveness and environmental friendliness. Each of the seven sunscreens caters to a different skin type and skin concern eg: oily, normal, dry, sensitive, as well as acne prone skin.

Mr. Pereira says "CodeSkin has been developed at Effeza Labs, a state-of-the-art research and development center in Mumbai. Effeza Labs is equipped with the latest in formulation curation from sanitized, dust-free environments to advanced machines to manufacture lotions, creams, sprays and serums of the highest quality. In fact the FDA has awarded Effeza Labs with the prestigious GMP Certificate (Good Manufacturing Processes)"

"I do not hesitate to go back to the drawing board because the CodeSkin consumer should expect nothing less from its formulations. Our mission is to empower individuals to embrace their unique beauty confidently, knowing that CodeSkin products are not only safe but also effective and clean." says Pereira.

Sunscreens for every skin type and skin concern.

  • CodeSkin UltraLite Fluid SPF 50+: A lightweight, daily-use sunscreen for broad-spectrum protection for normal to dry skin.
  • CodeSkin UltraMatte Oil-free Fluid SPF 50+: Formulated for oily and combination skin, providing effective sun protection without adding shine.
  • CodeSkin Ultra Protect Fluid SPF 100+: Offers advanced defense of quadruple sun protection technology for those seeking maximum sun protection. This will help divers, swimmers, cyclists, trekkers, paragliders, etc. Useful in cases of hyperpigmentation and melasma.
  • CodeSkin UltraLite Body Spray SPF 50+: Convenient on-the-go body spray suitable for all skin types.
  • CodeSkin UltraSensitive Mineral SPF 50+: A gentle mineral sunscreen designed specifically for sensitive skin. Especially good for pregnant women and kids above 2 years.
  • CodeSkin UltraMatte Mineral Gel SPF 50+: Sun protection tailored for acne-prone skin without clogging pores.
  • CodeSkin Ultra Mineral Glo SPF 40+: Infused with special illuminating pigments, adds a radiant glow while ensuring sun protection. Also, works as a makeup highlighter.

CodeSkin Mineral sunscreens have only zinc oxide, which is one of the safest natural sunscreen ingredients.

"Not all chemical ingredients are bad and not all natural ingredients are good."

Discerning the difference between the two is a task that can only be accomplished with the decades of proven expertise that Pereira has funnelled into the heart of CodeSkin. Going above and beyond industry norms, the sourcing process caters to clean beauty guidelines not just within India, but international markets like Europe and USA. Today, the CodeSkin Charter goes to extraordinary lengths to avoid over 1,600 ingredients in the restricted list of international organisations.

Today, when CodeSkin promises 'safe formulas', it means safe for kids, safe for pregnancy and safe for usage around the eyes—a groundbreaking approach for ensuring that nobody ever has to make the binary choice between effective or safe skincare.

CodeSkin has sourced the world's safest UVA and UVB sun protection filters. The CodeSkin charter of ingredient selection goes beyond the 1600 ingredients in the restricted list of international organizations.

The amazing benefits of CodeSkin sunscreens include its safety even around the eyes and its lightweight fluid texture, leaves no white cast and is non-greasy. Formulated such that it is water-resistant and sweat-resistant, CodeSkin sunscreens keep your skin moisturized and offer maximum blue light protection. The sustainability and clean benefits include eco-friendly packaging, anti-pollution, reef-safe, fragrance-free and vegan features.

"The future of clean beauty is born here."

At EFFEZA LABS, the best scientists, skincare professionals, dermatologists and industry experts work tirelessly in pursuit of a common dream: to leverage science for decoding the mysteries of the human skin and place the most effective formulations in the hands of everyday skincare savants. The CodeSkin range of skincare products will create a new global benchmark for safety, effectiveness and environmental friendliness.

Overhauling industry standards to pave the way for a new democratic landscape is not an overnight task but by constantly learning, experimenting and evolving, CodeSkin is proud to be scripting a brighter tomorrow in skincare.

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