The collaboration will accelerate the design, development, and simulation of satellite constellations and their communications networks.

LOS ALTOS, Calif., March 19, 2024 -- Antaris™, the leading software platform for space missions, today announced that it is partnering with Aalyria, the leader in advanced software-defined and optical networking communications, to integrate Aalyria's Spacetime network orchestration technology with Antaris TrueTwin™. The integration will enable operators to run satellite simulations at constellation scale.

Spacetime is a SaaS platform for orchestrating large and constantly-changing communications networks with steerable or directional signals – like satellite constellations and airborne mesh networks. It supports networks that span land, sea, air, and space – including the wired ground segment, terrestrial terminals and handsets, ground stations, ships, aircraft, HAPS, LEO, MEO, and GEO satellite constellations, cislunar, and deep space network nodes. End-to-end continuous connectivity or store-and-forward data transfers can be orchestrated between any sets of nodes – across all domains.

The companies will integrate the Spacetime network orchestration technology with Antaris TrueTwin™, a next-generation digital twinning technology that incorporates flight and subsystem software, satellite hardware, and software models to simulate complete satellite systems operating in a high-fidelity environment. Because TrueTwin™ includes all of the satellite subsystems and associated software, it can represent the same behaviors, functions, and attributes that the on-orbit systems will experience, providing a more robust environment for the simulation and operation of satellite constellations, including the combined bus and payload operation, network orchestration, and data delivery.

"Our customers, including defense and commercial operators, require the ability to simulate communications over entire mesh networks, and Aalyria's Spacetime is the clear industry leader for doing so," said Tom Barton, CEO and Co-Founder of Antaris. "By integrating TrueTwin™ with Spacetime, operators will be able to simulate the performance of an entire communications constellation from the satellite bus and payload subsystems to any other network node, all using this integrated, end-to-end, cloud-based platform."

"Antaris is the proven leader in accelerating time-to-orbit and in reducing constellation lifetime cost," said Chris Taylor, Founder and CEO of Aalyria. "That's why the integration of TrueTwin™ with Spacetime is such a game-changer. Enabling operators to design, test, and 'fly' entire missions virtually will increase mission performance while lowering operating expenses."

Organizations and governments that are interested in using Antaris TrueTwin™ to design and test a constellation that incorporates Spacetime orchestration should inquire with Antaris at

About Aalyria

Aalyria is a global advanced networking and laser communications technologies company. It is revolutionizing connectivity on Earth and in space. Its Tightbeam product, the world's first atmospheric corrected coherent free space optics solutions, and Spacetime, the only all-orbit, all-domain, software-defined network orchestration platform, are helping commercial and government customers reimagine business and mission models to make their assets more effective, efficient, and profitable.

About Antaris

The Antaris Cloud Platform dramatically simplifies the design, simulation, and operation of space missions and satellites–bringing the best of terrestrial cloud computing to the space domain. Customers choose Antaris because they gain mission flexibility and have greater control over their supply web, resulting in faster time-to-orbit and lower overall lifetime operating costs. With investors including Lockheed Martin Ventures, Streamlined, Acequia, HCVC, E2MC, and Possible Ventures, Antaris is revolutionizing Software for Space™.

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