BENGALURU, India, May 8, 2024 -- In a groundbreaking collaboration rooted in a shared commitment to sustainability and inspired by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, The Art of Living and Kotak Mahindra Bank have embarked on a mission to revamp farming practices in Gujarat's Anand district. This initiative gained further momentum as officials from both parties met with the Gujarat Governor on April 24th, seeking his blessings for their KMBL Natural Farming Awareness CSR Project in the region.

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Together, these visionary organizations are poised to tackle the urgent challenge of global warming, which is significantly exacerbated by chemical farming practices - a pressing concern demanding immediate attention. Chemical fertilizers, once hailed as agricultural marvels, have now been exposed as major culprits contributing to greenhouse gas emissions. Nitrogen rich fertilizers, in particular, react with oxygen in the air during application, giving rise to nitrous oxide - a greenhouse gas which is a staggering 312 times more potent than carbon dioxide. Similarly, organic farming, while seemingly eco-friendly, produces methane gas, which is 22 times more dangerous than carbon dioxide. The message is clear: it's high time people embraced natural farming and abandoned environmentally damaging practices.

This joint initiative is poised to train and inspire farmers in 100 villages of the Anand district in Gujarat. Through workshops, demonstrations, and knowledge sharing sessions, farmers will learn the intricacies of natural farming and the invaluable role it plays in fostering a healthier planet, while increasing their yield substantially. As the initiative gains traction, farmer organizations in Anand will receive vital support through the provision of soil testing kits. Soil testing equips farmers with essential information about soil health, nutrient levels, and pH balance, enabling precise fertilizer use and environmentally friendly farming practices; ultimately boosting productivity and preserving soil health.

This upcoming transformative journey in Anand stirs up visions of a future where sustainability reigns supreme, and the legacy of generations past is honored through responsible care of the land. With The Art of Living and Kotak Mahindra Bank at the helm, the path to a more sustainable agricultural future becomes clearer than ever.

Beyond its environmental and natural farming endeavors, The Art of Living is deeply committed to social impact across various domains throughout the country - water conservation, sustainable agriculture, afforestation, free education, skill development, women empowerment, rural development, border village progress, renewable energy, waste management, disaster relief. In other words, the organization's holistic approach to social responsibility knows no bounds. 

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Inspired by the world-renowned humanitarian and spiritual leader Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar; The Art of Living is a global non-profit organisation dedicated to peace, well-being, and humanitarian service. With a focus on holistic development, the organisation strives to contribute to the well-being of individuals and communities alike.

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