CHENNAI, India, May 21, 2024 -- Q Spark Group, a leading provider of Data & AI solutions, and Lluminant Works, a Platinum partner of Informatica, have announced a strategic partnership to empower organizations to realize the full potential of their data assets through modernizing master data management technology. This collaboration brings together Q Spark Group's strategic focus on data & AI, and Lluminant's deep expertise in data management, to create a comprehensive solution for modernizing legacy MDM Solutions to Informatica MDM SaaS 360 & Applications, integrating it with data governance and quality tools, and utilizing master data to power AI and analytics.

This partnership between Q Spark Group and Lluminant will help organizations bring data and AI to life by mastering their most important data assets. Aging MDM solutions need to be modernized to connect to emerging technologies such as AI, analytics, and data lake houses. Q Spark and Lluminant have successfully modernized many organization's aging MDM and Data Governance Solutions to Informatica's IDMC platform that includes MDM SaaS 360 & Applications, Cloud Data Quality and Cloud Data Governance and Catalog Solutions. The combined technical and business expertise of Q Spark and Lluminant ensures that existing MDM systems can be modernized quickly and successfully.  

"We are thrilled to partner with Lluminant Works," said Sachin Wadhwa, CEO and Co-Founder of Q Spark Group. "Together, we will provide our customers with the expertise and approach needed to modernize legacy MDM technologies to modern solutions such as Informatica, and utilize master data to fuel business operations, AI and analytics to achieve business growth."

"Q Spark Group's expertise in MDM strategy and creating business value complements our innovative technical approach to modernizing MDM," said Govindarajan, Chief Revenue Officer and Co-Founder of Lluminant Works. "This partnership helps organizations address new use cases with MDM, pragmatically modernize MDM, and get the most out of new cloud MDM technology."

About Q Spark Group: Q Spark Group is an Austin-based company focused on data + AI and analytics, and deeply integrating both to ensure that data generates actionable insights.

About Lluminant Works: Lluminant Works is a Chennai-based Platinum partner of Informatica, offering a wide range of data management solutions to customers across various industries.



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