BEIJING, Feb. 26, 2024 -- "The next 'China' is still China!" Chinese President Xi Jinping made this comment to the Chinese business community to highlight China's opportunities in the global market at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation CEO Summit 2023. According to surveys conducted by CGTN and Renmin University of China (RUC) through the New Era International Communication Research Institute, 90.6 percent of global respondents see China as an important country and view deepening mutually beneficial cooperation with China as in their own interests, a concept that has become a consensus in the international community.

China cannot develop in isolation from the world, and the world needs China for prosperity. In the eyes of global respondents, China is not only an engine of global economic growth and an opportunity for world development but also a stabilizer and reliable partner of the international community. In the survey, as many as 84.5 percent of global respondents say China is the most influential economic player in the world. Meanwhile, 81.9 percent of respondents consider China a country full of opportunities and that China's development will provide opportunities for the world. Another 75.6 percent of respondents hope their home countries can maintain good relations with China, believing that China's active participation in international affairs can help maintain a fair and reasonable international order. The respondents say of the eight major countries in the world, including China and the United States, economic and trade contacts with China bring the most benefits to their countries. In their eyes, China is also the most reliable partner.

The world's confidence in and expectations for the Chinese economy come from China's large and stable market and the concept of balanced, coordinated and inclusive development that China has adhered to in its foreign exchanges. In this regard, 63.2 percent of global respondents appreciate the consistency and stability of China's foreign policy orientation, believing that China has injected "a stabilizing agent" into the turbulent world. Another 64.6 percent of respondents say China is a responsible country that plays an increasingly important and constructive role in global governance.

From the concepts of a global community of shared future, the Belt and Road Initiative, the Global Development Initiative, the Global Security Initiative, the Global Civilization Initiative, and China's mediating between Saudi Arabia and Iran to achieve a historic reconciliation and promoting the United Nations Climate Change Conference to reach the "UAE Consensus," China's ideas, plans and wisdom are winning more and more trust and expectations from the international community. In the survey, 76.5 percent of the respondents agreed that China is a country worthy of respect. A total of 84.2 percent of the global respondents praise China as a successful country. Meanwhile, 80.1 percent of the respondents believe China's international influence is growing and expect China to provide more valuable experience for global governance.

The surveys were conducted globally, with 15,037 respondents from developed countries such as the United States, France, Japan and South Korea and developing countries such as Peru, Mexico, Thailand and Nigeria.

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