• Ultima Alkaline battery and Neeraj Chopra signifies a convergence of two champions who share a commitment to excellence and innovation.

  • The TVC highlights the importance of uninterrupted playtime for childrens imagination.

  • Evereadys Ultima Alkaline batteries with 400% longer-lasting power ensure that childrens toys run longer, fostering creativity and limitless play.

  • The TVC introduces a unique portrayal of Neeraj Chopra as Javelin Man, blending animation and live-action. It aims to inspire children with the values of performance, power, endurance, and reliability associated with both Neeraj Chopra and Eveready.

Eveready Industries India Limited, India's No1 battery brand synonymous with power, performance, and reliability is thrilled to reinforce the teachings of its highly successful Ultima Alkaline Battery campaign, 'Khelenge to Sikhenge' in collaboration with its new brand ambassador Neeraj Chopra, the reigning Olympic gold medallist and World no. 1 mens javelin star. The brand is focusing on enhancing its connection with youth, recognizing kids as natural scientists who thrive on experimentation and learning through play. Therefore, Eveready commits to providing long-lasting, value-for-money solutions for new-age India, recognizing the pivotal role toys play in childrens learning. These toys offer not just joy but also instill essential values and life lessons like friendship, sharing, and compassion.

Evereadys latest TVC, starring Neeraj Chopra spotlights Ultima Alkaline batteries for kids uninterrupted play and limitless imagination

Fostering self-confident, creative, and happy children, the newly launched TVC conceptualised by Ogilvy emphasizes the significance of powering childrens toys with Evereadys Ultima Alkaline batterieswith 400% more power to ensure uninterrupted play and limitless imagination. The TVC features a kid playing with a battery-operated toy 'Javelin Man', representing sports icon Neeraj Chopra, who saves the world through non-stop javelin throws. However, when the toy's regular battery dies out, the imaginary story of the kid is halted until the real Neeraj Chopra intervenes, with Eveready Ultima battery encouraging kids to keep playing. This narrative showcases the significance of reliable power sources and the admiration children have for their heroes, never wanting them to die. Neeraj and Ultima, both epitomize values of performance, power, endurance and reliability; setting a new benchmark of excellence in the industry.

TVC Link: www.youtube.com/watchv=MVzWzRbdi8g

Speaking on the accession, Mr.Anirban Banerjee, Senior Vice President and SBU Head, Batteries & Flashlights at Eveready Industries India Ltd. said, "Eveready, the iconic leader in the battery and flashlight industry, and Neeraj Chopra, the reigning Asian Olympics champion; our collaboration is a convergence of two champions, both driven by the relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation. Just as Neeraj powers his epic javelin throws non-stop, Eveready's Ultima Alkaline range of batteries with 400% longer-lasting energy, powers high drain devices nationwide, including childrens toys, strengthening their imaginative journeys. Also, our latest high-energy film, blending animation and live-action, introduces a unique portrayal of Neeraj as Javelin Man, marking a unique step in our brand ambassadors portrayal."

"As storytellers, we always look for opportunities to craft narratives that help inspire the youth. Eveready's philosophy of 'Khelenge toh Sikhenge' allows us to do that. In this latest TVC for the longer-lasting Ultima batteries, we've showcased the power of children's imagination and how non-stop imaginative play should always be encouraged. A true champ like Neeraj Chopra, seen in a unique avatar as brand ambassador, helps us deliver the message in a memorable way," said Sukesh Nayak, CCO, Ogilvy India.

The Ultima Alkaline Battery range offers Ultima (MRP 22) - a pack of 10 batteries and Ultima Pro (MRP 45) - a pack of 6 batteries, with Anti-Leak Turbolock Technology, reinforcing leak protection and ensuring users devices remain secure and functional. Eveready with its continued aspiration aims to steer high-growth businesses in India that are sustainable, scalable, and profitable, and deliver lasting value for all the stakeholders through excellence, and customer-centricity.


400% longer lasting than IS 8144: 2018 R6P standard for motor/toy. Results may vary as per device or usage pattern.