MUMBAI, India, March 20, 2024 -- ARLANXEO, a global leader in performance elastomers, today unveiled its sustainable and innovative rubber portfolios at India Rubber Expo 2024, underlining its commitment to serving the customers in Indian market and the wider Asia Pacific region with high-quality products and first-class services.

ARLANXEO Presents Sustainable and Innovative Synthetic Rubber Solutions at India Rubber Expo 2024

India is currently the world's third-largest automobile market and the need for advanced auto parts and green building solutions is predicted to rise due to the growing demands of urbanization. This drives a big potential opportunity for greener and high-performance synthetic rubber solutions. To this end, ARLANXEO is accelerating its innovation to find solutions in the sustainability fields to support the customers and business partners downstream and meet their needs in sustainable mobility and urbanization.

In the sustainability area, ARLANXEO highlighted its recently expanded Keltan® Eco portfolio – namely, the ISCC PLUS[1] certified bio-circular products – alongside the existing bio-based sugar cane extracted grades. Keltan® EPDM can be widely applied for environmentally friendly auto parts, such as hoses, seals, and gaskets for thermal management systems.

In the mobility area, ARLANXEO showcased S-SBR, NdBR and (X)IIR lineup which are ideal for green tire solutions. The superior flexibility and rolling resistance in S-SBR and NdBR can contribute to give tires substantial dynamic properties, outstanding durability, fuel efficiency and road grip, while the high impermeability in (X)IIR can contribute to a safer driving experience, more optimized fuel efficiency, and a reduced carbon footprint.

In addition, the superior temperature and oil resistance in Therban® HNBR makes it an excellent choice for timing belts and air conditioning seals. It is also expected to be an important processing aid for mobile power based on its ability to improve the processing behavior of electrode coatings.

In the urbanization area, ARLANXEO presented Levamelt® EVM for Polyurethane Reactive (PUR) hotmelts modification. Levamelt® EVM can be used in adhesives for woodwork, bookbinding and packaging solutions with better flexibility, higher green strength and extended open time for PUR hotmelts.

During the Technical Conference, two technical experts from ARLANXEO shared presentations entitled "ARLANXEO Modified Elastomers as Solutions for Tire Industry's New Mobility Trends and Sustainability Goals" and "ARLANXEO Rubber Solutions for Sustainable Applications" respectively, both of which illustrated the application potentials across various downstream fields with tailored formulations.

"We are delighted to participate in the India Rubber Expo, one of the largest rubber exhibitions in Asia, and to connect with our customers and business partners with enhanced proximity. ARLANXEO is committed to strengthening the presence in India Sub-Continent, one of the high-growth markets, with its global footprint of manufacturing facilities and a broad portfolio of sustainable and innovative synthetic rubber.  We will continue to support our customers and business partners with advanced products and customized services to meet the promising opportunities in this rapidly growing region", said Rupesh Shah, Managing Director of ARLANXEO India.

[1] ISSC PLUS: International Sustainability & Carbon Certification


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