BEIJING, April 15, 2024 -- East China's Jiangxi Province has recently launched a splendid array of folk cultural activities as an ethnic minority folk culture festival was celebrated with great fervor.

Yanglin Village, located in Shanggao County of Yichun City, is a beautiful village inhabited by returned overseas Chinese of various ethnic groups. Local villagers there celebrated the ethnic minority folk culture festival with tourists through folk activities such as bamboo pole dancing, making special delicacies and making special handicrafts.

Photo taken on April 13, 2024, shows that three girls of Yanglin Village are dancing on the long bamboo poles. (Photo by Chen Qihai)

It is learned that the village is composed of Yao, Dong, Dai, Zhuang, Jing, Miao and other ethnic groups. It is one of the largest ethnic minority villages in the western region of Jiangxi Province.

Photo taken on April 13, 2024, shows a villager of Yanglin Village is making Chinese perfume pouch. (Photo by Shi Yu)

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