BANGALORE, India, May 10, 2024 -- In a significant stride towards transforming the landscape of Ultra Luxury fashion, Vananam is proud to announce the launch of its new Ultra Luxury apparel and Lifestyle brand, Giorvan. Set to debut by the end of this year, Giorvan epitomises the fusion of rich cultural heritage and cutting-edge fashion innovation.

Keshav Inani, Founder & CEO of Vananam, is set to revolutionise the luxury apparel market by launching a new brand that leverages his family's 60-year legacy in textiles. Named Giorvan, the brand symbolises a bold step forward, blending the rich heritage of Karnataka's famed textile town, Guledgudd, with modern innovation. The name itself, a mix of 'Guledgudd' and 'Inani', highlights this synergy, integrating traditional craftsmanship with the entrepreneurial spirit of the Inani family. The inclusion of 'Van' from Vananam and 'or', meaning 'and' in Hindi, represents the ambitious union of time-honoured traditions and contemporary advancements. Through Vananam, Keshav is transforming his deep-rooted family knowledge into a global, ultra-luxury brand that promises both quality and sophistication.

Spearheading Growth with Ethos and Innovation

Aligned with the Prime Minister's vision of taking Indian brands global, Giorvan is more than a Ultra Luxury brand; it is a herald of 'Make in India' on the international stage. Designed by the world's best, the brand aims to showcase superior and innovative fabric technologies. "Our commitment is not just to create a brand but to foster a sustainable and ethical fashion ecosystem right here in India," says Shri Keshav Inani, CEO of Vananam. He further adds, "Giorvan will be instrumental in realising the vision of 'Vikshit Bharat' by propelling Indian craftsmanship into global limelight, reinforcing the 'Make in India' initiative."

A Catalyst for Change in the Fashion Industry

Vananam's commitment to sustainability and ethical practices extends to setting up future manufacturing facilities in India, which will not only utilise but enhance the local craftsmanship, ensuring that every piece of apparel—be it men's, women's formals, semi-formals, or casuals—meets global standards. This initiative is poised to create significant employment opportunities and promote sustainable manufacturing practices.

The introduction of Giorvan is a momentous occasion in the sparse landscape of Indian Ultra Luxury brands. It promises to bring a fresh perspective to premium fashion categories, blending traditional aesthetics with modern designs that appeal to both domestic and international consumers.

A Visionary Future

With Vananam at the helm, known for its visionary approach and strategic expansion across diverse business sectors—from transit retail to agri-trade—Giorvan is set on a path of substantial growth. The conglomerate's leadership in innovation and ethical business practices ensures that Giorvan will not just be a brand, but a beacon of new standards in the Ultra Luxury apparel industry.

As Vananam continues to push the boundaries of what's possible, its foray into Ultra Luxury apparel with Giorvan is not just a business expansion but a cultural mission, bringing Indian elegance to the global stage and marking a new era in Ultra Luxury fashion.

By 2028, the market is forecast to increase by $21.37 billion, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.66% from 2023 (Technavio). This expansion is driven by increasing disposable income in emerging markets, with consumers in regions such as India and China showing a growing appetite for Ultra Luxury goods as symbols of social status (Technavio).

Europe is currently the largest market for Ultra Luxury apparel, contributing significantly to the industry's revenue, thanks to its established Ultra Luxury fashion houses and a strong tradition of craftsmanship (Fortune Business Insights). North America and Asia-Pacific are also key players, with Ultra Luxury brands capitalising on the affluent consumer base and the expanding middle class in these regions (Fortune Business Insights).

For Vananam, the opportunities in this sector are substantial. The trend towards casual and versatile Ultra Luxury attire, including Ultra Luxury sportswear, offers new avenues for Giorvan to blend traditional craftsmanship with contemporary fashion needs (Technavio).

As Giorvan prepares for its launch, it aligns with global shifts towards more personalised and experiential Ultra Luxury shopping, where the quality of both the product and the shopping experience are paramount. This strategic entry into the Ultra Luxury apparel market not only promises growth for Vananam but also supports the broader 'Make in India' initiative by showcasing Indian craftsmanship on a global stage.

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