MUMBAI, India, March 27, 2024 -- SVKM's NMIMS believes in gender inclusion and women empowerment and it is ingrained in its ethos. By this belief, NMIMS Pravin Dalal School of Entrepreneurship and Family Business Management (PDSE) collaborated with the Inner Wheel Club of Bombay Airport Tiara to organise the pioneering SheRISE Programme – a one-of-its-kind four-day workshop aimed at empowering women in entrepreneurship and leadership. The programme, which took place from March 4th to March 7th, 2024, was a comprehensive initiative designed to promote empowerment, build leaders, and pave a path for success in the professional and entrepreneurial spheres.

The programme opened with empowering addresses by the Chief Guest, Ms. Pallavi Choksi, Centenary District Chairman for District 314, Dr. Ramesh Bhat, Vice Chancellor, NMIMS, Dr. Ruchika Agarwal, Faculty-in-Charge, Executive Programmes, Ms. Alpa Apoorva, Centurion Charter President 2023-24, and Prof. Seema Mahajan – Director, PDSE&FBM. During her speech, Ms. Pallavi Choksi emphasised the significance of initiatives like this for women participants and commended the Inner Wheel Club for taking such initiatives. Meanwhile, Dr. Bhat, also expressed similar thoughts and described it as a unique and one-of-a-kind initiative.

The invigorating SheRISE event saw the presence of more than 100 women participants over the four days, they had an opportunity to enhance their skills and knowledge across various crucial aspects, including finance, digital literacy, creativity, and communication. Through a series of interactive sessions and workshops, the women learned the nuances of subjects like Personal Branding, Networking, Design Thinking, and Collaborative Wealth Planning. The programme aimed to provide valuable insights to the participants to successfully handle challenges and seize opportunities in today's competitive business sphere.

The first day's theme was Self Craft, which had sessions by Prof Vijaya Suvarna, visiting faculty on the topics, 'Emotional Resilience: Meaningful & Purposeful Life and Networking & Community Building' while Prof. Seema Mahajan, Director of PDSE, shared her perspectives on Personal Branding.

On day two, where the theme was Inno-Spark, Prof. Mehak Kapoor of PDSE spoke on 'Unleashing Creativity: Innovative Ideation Techniques Validating Ideas with Customer Insight' and 'Using Design Thinking to Know Your Customer'. Meanwhile, Dr. Hitesh Kalro, Assistance Prof., SBM discussed the topic, 'Concept Creation to Strategic Pathways: Nurturing Ideas into Opportunities'. 

Life Graph was the overarching theme on day 3 wherein Prof. Bedabrata Bagchi, visiting faculty threw light on the subjects, 'Understand and Leverage Technology for Growth' and 'Effective Communication in Digital Age' while Dr. Arun Sharma Associate Prof., SBM delved into the subject, 'Networking Strategies for Virtual Environments'.

Ms. Shashi Singh (Industry expert) took on the comprehensive subject of 'Empower Yourself To Take An Active Role In Financial Decision-Making: Understanding The Intersection Of Financial And Physical Well-Being' on the fourth day's session, titled, Prosperity Pulse. The day also had Prof. Ajay Mahajan enlighten the participants on 'Engaging Family Members In Collaborative Wealth Planning Discussions' and saw Prof. Jeet Shah educate women on 'Overcoming Barriers To Assuming Financial Leadership Roles And Inspiring The Next Generation'.

Each session provided valuable insights and practical tools for participants to enhance their personal and professional lives. Participants in the programme unanimously expressed their gratitude to the organisers for the eye-opening workshops to help women expand their horizons by becoming entrepreneurs.

According to Prof. Seema Mahajan, Director of PDSE, skills, knowledge, and education are the cornerstones of empowerment. "Empowering women to thrive both personally and professionally is the driving force behind the SheRISE Programme. We are steadfast in our commitment to equip women with the necessary resources and support. This has allowed us to create a community of empowered women who are making a difference in the world," she said. With this workshop we have launched a new program named as Women Entrepreneurship Program which is a 9-month executive program for women who aim to set up their business ideas, further she added.

Alpa Apoorva, Charter President of Inner Wheel Club of Bombay Airport Tiara, expressed her gratitude to Prof. Seema Mahajan and NMIMS for facilitating the programme and spoke about the importance of women empowerment. Delving into the details of the club, she added, "The Inner Wheel Club of Bombay Airport Tiara is the world's largest women's organisation spanning over 100 countries, with India boasting the highest number of members. Although the club is relatively new, having been established less than a year ago, the passion of the members has driven them to complete over 130 projects across various fields, benefiting both underprivileged communities and privileged individuals. Beginning with just 35 members, the club has now grown to 65 members, all of whom contribute to its success through teamwork."

The workshop culminated in a convocation ceremony on March 7th, featuring addresses by Chief Guest, Founder & MD, Jigsaw Brand Consultants, Prof. Seema Mahajan, Ms. Alpa Apoorva, Dr. Rutu Mody Kamdar, Ms. Pallavi Choksi, and Dr. Ruchika Agarwal Faculty-in-Charge, Executive Programmes.

The participants were presented with certificates in the presence of Vice-Chancellor Dr. Ramesh Bhat and NMIMS Mentor, Shri Bharat Sanghvi. The event concluded with Prof. Mehek Kapoor delivering a vote of thanks, expressing gratitude to all participants and speakers.

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