SINGAPORE, June 3, 2024 -- Zilliqa, the high-throughput, low-fee layer 1 blockchain platform, is delighted to announce its integration with Fireblocks, an enterprise platform for building blockchain applications and managing digital asset operations.

This integration enables Fireblocks customers to securely store ZIL tokens in their Fireblocks Vault and conduct transactions on the Fireblocks Network, an enterprise-grade digital asset transfer platform for rapid digital asset transactions and dynamic payment workflows, facilitating the transfer of digital assets and tokens on Zilliqa amongst enterprise customers.

Through this strategic integration and its native compatibility with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) applications, Zilliqa enhances accessibility for users, supporting popular wallets and developer tools, and fostering the development of powerful multi-chain applications.

Fireblocks serves thousands of financial institutions and has facilitated the transfer of over $6 trillion in digital assets. Notable customers using the Fireblocks platform include major financial institutions, cryptocurrency exchanges, and retail payment service providers, such as BNY Mellon, Revolut, Worldpay, eToro, and Galaxy Digital.

As a pioneer in multi-party computation (MPC) custody technology, Fireblocks empowers enterprise and institutional clients to securely and efficiently transact digital assets across major blockchain platforms.

This collaboration not only strengthens Zilliqa's presence in the institutional finance realm but enhances its Web3 ecosystem and benefits its endeavors within the luxury and entertainment sectors through the Fireblocks Non-Custodial Wallet-as-a-Service (WaaS) offering, which delivers a secure and scalable wallet platform for corporates, fintechs and Web3 businesses.

Speaking on today's announcement, Zilliqa CEO Matt Dyer said:

"The integration of our network with Fireblocks marks a pivotal moment for Zilliqa, granting institutional and retail investors seamless access to our high-throughput, secure and easy-to-use blockchain network. By working with Fireblocks, we are opening doors for everyone from end-users to financial institutions to explore and invest in the innovative and growing list of opportunities within the Zilliqa ecosystem, further fueling its growth and development."

Also speaking on the announcement, Fireblocks Managing Director, Financial Markets, Stephen Richardson said:

"We are thrilled to be expanding Fireblocks' multi-blockchain support to include Zilliqa EVM. Fireblocks supports over 60 blockchains and the leading token standards for Web3 and NFTs, and Zilliqa's integration presents new opportunities for institutional collaboration that leverages the capabilities of Zilliqa's ecosystem."

About Zilliqa

Zilliqa is a high-performance, high-security, and low-fee layer-1 blockchain platform. Designed to scale with the demands of global businesses, the blockchain serves as a versatile foundation that facilitates a broad array of Web3 applications and services across a multitude of sectors, providing a robust platform for emerging developers and established enterprises alike.

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