ANYANG, South Korea, May 31, 2024 -- Vieworks, a leading innovator in x-ray imaging solution, recently marked a significant milestone by participating in the 21st World Conference on Non-Destructive Testing (WCNDT) for the first time. Held in Songdo, South Korea, WCNDT 2024 served as a global platform for experts and professionals in the non-destructive testing (NDT) industry to share knowledge and present the latest technological advancements. Vieworks exhibited its state-of-the-art solutions at booth C03, drawing considerable attention from attendees.

Vieworks exhibiting at WCNDT 2024

At WCNDT 2024, Vieworks showcased its latest lineup of portable and dynamic flat panel detectors (FPDs), including its revolutionary bendable detectors. These detectors are designed to provide high-quality imaging solutions across various NDT applications. With their innovative design and advanced features, Vieworks' FPDs offer superior performance and reliability, ensuring precise and efficient inspection processes.

A major highlight at Vieworks' booth was the introduction of their innovative bendable x-ray detectors, initially unveiled at ECNDT 2023. These state-of-the-art detectors mark a significant advancement in the NDT industry, particularly as a transition from traditional film inspection methods. Offering enhanced efficiency and digital integration, they feature a 99 micrometer pixel pitch, delivering exceptional resolution and adaptability. The unique bendable design enables these detectors to conform to curved surfaces, reducing distortion and improving image clarity. This makes them particularly effective for inspecting complex geometries, pipes, and confined spaces, where conventional detectors often face limitations.

"The commercialization of our bendable detectors is imminent, and we believe they will set a new standard in the NDT industry," said Mr. Hong, Vice President of Vieworks. "These detectors not only improve inspection accuracy but also offer unprecedented flexibility, allowing users to adapt to various inspection scenarios seamlessly. We are excited about the potential impact these detectors will have on the market and look forward to their widespread adoption."

The introduction of bendable x-ray detectors signifies Vieworks' commitment to advancing NDT technology. As the industry continues to evolve, Vieworks remains at the forefront, developing solutions that meet the growing demands for accuracy, efficiency, and versatility in inspection processes. The successful exhibition at WCNDT 2024 underscores Vieworks' position as a leader in the field and its dedication to delivering innovative imaging solutions to its customers worldwide.

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