Conversive offers the first-of-its-kind, pre-built library of personalizable messaging campaigns within their unified platform for delivering smart messaging experiences, governed by advanced compliance and safety controls, for trusted conversations across a customer lifecycle. 

PUNE, India, June 4, 2024 -- Conversive, a new conversational messaging platform, launches today to elevate text-based business communications by increasing trusted engagement, loyalty, and customer satisfaction with personalized conversations. Messaging is the preferred way to get things done — Conversive enables companies to build comprehensive two-way marketing campaigns with AI response automation for conversations that happen anytime, anywhere, and across any digital channel.

The Conversive platform is specifically designed to elevate messaging outcomes for companies in finance, education, healthcare, staffing, real estate, and law. Through Conversive, these businesses can remain available 24/7 to their clients, customers, students, or patients with AI chatbots and text campaigns. These tools respond to prospects, qualify opportunities, book appointments, promote services, manage onboarding, attend to customer service needs and deliver outbound sales and marketing campaigns — all with personalized data integrations

"We built Conversive to empower businesses to intelligently communicate with their customers across their preferred text-based platforms and create a strong connection through personable marketing campaigns and high availability," said Nitin Seth, Co-founder and CEO of Conversive. He added, "We also felt it was vital to make this a safe and trusted messaging platform with default compliance and regulatory frameworks so companies can safely build rapport with their clients and instill more trust in their services."

As the digital messaging industry continues to tighten regulatory compliance, Conversive prioritizes data privacy, messaging compliance, and consumer safety as the foundation of its platform. The platform uses messaging controls for adhering to and continuously renewing consumer opt-in preferences, international regulatory requirements for 10DLC registrations, HIPAA, GDPR, TCPA, ISO, and anti-spam capabilities.

The platform features CRM integrations with Salesforce, Zoho, and HubSpot to safely access customer data for Personal Identifiable Information (PII) integrations. This feature also updates the data gathered during message interactions back to the CRM to guide future communications. This 360-degree data approach elevates business capabilities to maximize engagement experiences for customers when making important decisions throughout their customer lifecycle. 

About Conversive

Conversive is a digital messaging solution that offers features and integrations to help businesses deliver personalized conversations at engagement touchpoints across the customer lifecycle. The Conversive platform is designed to turn every messaging touchpoint between a business and their customers into the best possible outcomes. The company stems from SMS-Magic's legacy of messaging excellence, and builds upon its expertise in high-stakes industries, deep tech stack integrations, omnichannel capabilities, and ready-to-use configurations.


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