BENGALURU, India, June 3, 2024 -- Calligo Technologies Pvt Ltd, a pioneering tech firm based in Bengaluru, India, proudly announces the world's first 8-core Posit-enabled RISC-V CPU – TUNGA, in ASIC form, marking a significant leap forward in the realm of general-purpose computing.

Driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence in accelerating computing performance, particularly in the domains of High-Performance Computing (HPC) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), Calligo Technologies has harnessed the potential of two disruptive technologies: RISC-V and Posits.

RISC-V is an Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) for Processor designs; Posit is an innovative representation for real numbers, conceived by esteemed American Mathematician Dr. John Gustafson. Open architecture of RISC-V and Posit, fosters innovation and cost-effective customization through modular design.

TUNGA's energy-efficient design results in lower power consumption. Its scalability supports a wide range of applications for HPC and AI. With a distinctive market differentiator, powered by TUNGA, Calligo's accelerator Card is poised to deliver superior computational performance and accuracy by integrating advanced hardware combined with robust software acceleration.

Mr. Anantha Kinnal, Co-founder & CEO of Calligo Technologies, commented, "Our commitment to pushing the boundaries of computing capabilities led us to embrace RISC-V and Posits, recognizing their transformative potential at grass-root levels to High Performance Computing (HPC) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). With the unveiling of our first version of CPU, we are poised to redefine standards in computing and to achieve zettascale operations at an unprecedented pace, when scaled up. This will now enable HPC applications for Molecular Dynamics, Life Sciences, Computational Fluid Dynamics, etc. to produce more accurate results, consuming much less power. Applications such as GROMACS, FFT for 5G/6G, image/video compression and AI training / inference will benefit significantly from this."

Mr. Kinnal added, "A testament to Calligo Tech's design prowess is the flawless execution of TUNGA design. This is no ordinary feat considering many 'dead on arrival' chips designed by seasoned teams in the industry." 

Mr. Rajaraman Subramanian, Co-founder & CTO of Calligo Technologies, added, "TUNGA coupled with our Comprehensive Software Stack, enables effortless industry-wide adoption, empowering users to harness the full potential of high-precision computations without compromising energy efficiency. Our Accelerator platform is offering end users the flexibility to either compile and execute applications or run them transparently without source code modifications by utilizing the libraries provided by us, thereby maximizing efficiency and effectiveness."

Mr. Vinay N Hebballi, COO of Calligo Technologies, stated, "We are proud to lead the charge into the market with our accelerator product. Calligo Tech will continue to strengthen and expand relationships with teams at National Laboratories and Supercomputing Centers around the world and will rely on these partnerships to validate and benchmark our solution on large-scale state-of-the-art software applications. These applications depend on deep domain expertise, such as Life Sciences, Automotive, Aerospace and Media related industries."

TUNGA emerges as a testimony to Calligo Technologies' perseverance, dedication to innovation, executed as per commitment to the seed investors – KITVEN, UST Global and SFAL. Our collaboration with key stakeholders and support from the Ministry of Information Technology has been instrumental in bringing this vision to fruition.

Funded under the aegis of the Ministry of Information Technology's DLI scheme, the next version, MATUNGA – a System-on-Chip to power self-booting motherboards – is poised to revolutionize computing landscapes with its unmatched processing prowess. Powered by the CDAC's VEGA core, a 64-bit RISC-V, MATUNGA, comprising of 64 Posit-enabled cores, will be manufactured on advanced process technology nodes, promising high-volume production for HPC and AI workloads. Its versatility extends from laptops to entry-level server systems, positioning it as a cornerstone of technological advancement by an Indian company.

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Calligo Technologies is fabless semiconductor & systems start-up based in Bengaluru, India serving HPC, Big Data and AI/ML segments to global companies. It is primarily focussed on improving computing performance using Software and Hardware Acceleration techniques to HPC/AI applications.

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