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HYDERABAD, India, March 19, 2024 -- Amidst the increasing numbers of Autism cases in the country, where 1 in 100 being effected by Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), Rainbow Children's Hospital organized an insightful two-day National Conference – Autism ODYSSEY in Hyderabad, on 16th and 17th of March, 2024.

Rainbow Children's Hospital, road no 2, Banjara Hills, Rainbow Children's Heart Institute, Road no. 10, and Radisson Blu Hotel, Banjara Hills facilitated a venue for this enlightening event, which was inaugurated by the chief guest, Dr. Ramesh Kancharla, CMD – Rainbow Children's Hospital.

Speaking at the event, Dr. Pratima Giri, a Developmental Pediatrician at Rainbow Children's Hospital, Banjara Hills, said, "We need to address the challenge of rising prevalence. The numbers have been consistently increasing over the years. Autism has emerged as a significant societal concern, extending beyond pediatric care to encompass challenges in education and employment. Parents are struggling to navigating hurdles, from accessing therapies to securing school admissions. As individuals with autism transition into adulthood, a majority face unemployment. Moreover, they encounter discrimination and bias in various spheres of life."

"There are over 300 autism therapy centers in Hyderabad alone. This highlights the high prevalence and the immense support needed. Efforts have been underway to raise awareness and provide assistance to individuals with autism. It is necessary for further dissemination of awareness and expansion of support programs, emphasizing the significance of timely interventions. Mother's role in the bonding is pivotal and crucial are the first 1000 days from pregnancy confirmation, emphasizing the importance of early diagnosis, continuous monitoring, and follow-ups with relevant specialists in ensuring effective management and support for individuals with autism." she added.

At the two-day national conference, symposia were held on the multifaceted challenges that autistic individuals encounter throughout their lifespan: from childhood, through youth, and into old age and the possible solutions to enhance the quality of life for autistic individuals. There were 5 workshops held on inclusivity in education, management of challenging behavior and sensory issues, communication and employment opportunities. With a focus on empowering autistic individuals in the workforce, workshops explored diverse employment opportunities and strategies for creating inclusive workplaces that support their talents and abilities. Educators and caregivers absorbed insights into teaching methods designed to meet the diverse learning needs of autistic learners to promote their academic and personal growth. Notably, the session had Ms. Archana Suresh, Director – Telangana Social Impact Group, CSR wing, Govt. of Telangana as speaker. It had a wide hotel and IT sector representation. The event offered a platform for parents of autistic children and employers to come together and engage in discussions regarding opportunities and inclusion.

Throughout the workshops, attendees discussed strategies to promote societal inclusion, recognizing the importance of building a more understanding and accepting society that acknowledges the unique contributions of autistic individuals.

Chief Guest and CMD, Dr Ramesh Kancharla, Rainbow Children's Hospital, said, "I believe that autism is one of the most significant challenges that children are facing, today. It is imperative that we explore preventive measures to combat this haunting issue. We must also continuously seek out newer therapies and support processes to improve the lives of autistic individuals, making them better and more manageable. Being a children's hospital, we are dedicated to contributing our utmost efforts towards raising awareness, providing support, and promoting inclusion. In line with this commitment, we are initiating the establishment of a Child Development & Rehabilitation Center within premises of Rainbow Children's Heart Institute on road no.10, Banjara Hills. Our aim is to offer comprehensive support and care to children affected by autism."

About Rainbow Children's Hospital:

Set up in the year 1999, Rainbow Children's Hospital is a leading chain of hospitals dedicated to pediatrics, obstetrics, gynecology and fertility. With a rich history spanning to 24 years, Rainbow has consistently delivered exceptional healthcare services including quaternary care services like the pediatric liver transplant, renal transplant and BMT through its advanced infrastructure and expert care. Interestingly, the hospital group offers a range of organic and natural woman and child care products under the name Butterfly Essentials.

The group operates 19 hospitals and 3 clinics across the country, including the newly inaugurated facility in Anna Nagar. The group operates in hub and spoke model with a hub and 7 spokes in Hyderabad, a hub and 3 spokes in Bengaluru, and a hub and 2 spokes in Chennai. Notably, the hospital chain has an exclusive pediatric cardiac care center – Rainbow Children's Heart Institute, in Hyderabad.




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